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Office Gifting Made Easy - Top 5 Brands to Convey Appreciation

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Want to express gratitude to your colleague? Well, finding the perfect gift to your coworker that conveys your appreciation can be a little tricky! That’s why we believe fine spirits make a great choice to not just deepen your bond but also delight your colleague with an indulgent gift!

But then again, there are so many alcohol brands, which would be the ideal choice for office gifts? Don’t worry! We are here to ease your woes, we have curated a list of gifting ideas that could help you express how much you value their hard work and dedication! 

Thoughtful Office Gifts: 5 Brands to Make Your Colleague Feel Valued

1. Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker
If you want a gift that is exquisite and embodies elegance, then Johnnie Walker is the way to go! It offers a range of whiskies like Black Label, Blue Label and impeccable limited edition releases, and it’s truly a brand that makes a perfect office gift idea. Its rich and bold flavours will leave a lasting impression on your colleague whether they are a whisky enthusiast or simply appreciate the finer things in life. Additionally, you can pair the bottle of Johnnie Walker, with a stylish rocks glass for a complete set.

2. Tanqueray Gin

A brand that never disappoints, the Tanqueray gin bottle is a gift that is perfect for gin enthusiasts in your office. A rich heritage that goes back to the 1830s, Tanqueray gin is a time-tested classic in the world of spirits. A bottle of Tanqueray London Dry gin or a Tanqueray No 10, this brand offers vibrant and refreshing flavours that are a true treat to the senses. Choose the gin option that suits your coworker’s likes and you are bound to leave them grinning in delight! Even if your colleague is new to the world of Gin, Tanqueray is an excellent gift idea to show your appreciation.

3. Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka
A bottle of premium vodka with a long-standing legacy, sounds like a perfect gift for your colleague, isn’t it? Smirnoff is a vodka with exceptional quality and versatility that can be savoured neat or mixed into delectable cocktails for true indulgence. With its exciting range of flavours, Smrinoff has something for everyone. From a classic Smirnoff No.21 to an assortment of flavoured vodkas, you can easily find an office gift that resonates with your coworker’s preferences to convey your thoughtfulness and appreciation!

4. Talisker Whisky

Is your colleague always up for an adventure? Then Talisker is the brand to choose! It boasts a smoky maritime character and embodies the essence of the Scottish Highlands. The Talisker distillery is nestled on the rugged coastline of the Isle of Skye, each bottle of Talisker whisky is a story waiting to be uncovered. By gifting the bottle of Talisker you are giving them a memorable experience and showing them that you recognize their hard work and spirit. You can opt for Talisker 10-year-old whisky which delivers spicy complexity with peat-smoke and peppery finish, or choose Talisker 18-year-old whisky for rich, intense and full-bodied flavours. 

5. The Singleton

The Singleton
If you are looking for a whisky that captures elegance in a bottle, then The Singleton is a perfect choice! The Singleton whisky comes with a range of options that are diverse in flavour, age & finish. The well-balanced flavours and luxurious character of these single-malt scotch whiskies are hard to resist and a treat to the palate. The 12-year-old option boasts a fruity and malty character with a hint of sweetness, oak and toffee, the 18 year is pleasant with a touch of honey, vanilla and a delicate hint of spices and the 18-year-old is lusciously smooth sweet stewed fruits, honey and dark coffee. For office gifting, a bottle of The Singleton will undoubtedly leave an impression and convey your appreciation!

Well, that was our round-up top 5 fine spirits that you can gift your coworker! All these are top-shelf brands and ideal for office gifting ideas! The thoughtfulness behind choosing the gift that reflects your colleague’s interests will show your sincerity and how much you value their work. This helps in further strengthening your bond and fostering an understanding environment at your workplace! 

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