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Pack A Festive Punch Into Drinking Games With Reindeer-Themed Activities

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Rudolph was the red-nosed reindeer with a shiny, glowy nose and a habit of rushing through the snowy mountains to spread Christmas cheer. Revelling in the joys of the season would be incomplete without Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid and the whole gang of reindeer—especially Rudolph, who Santa himself chose to be his guide on a dark Christmas evening. The legend goes that Santa bundled his reindeer together to ride off on his sleigh, dash through the snow and deliver presents to all the kids on the ‘good’ list. But when he set off, he found the night to be too dark and foggy and asked poor Rudolph, ridiculed for his bright nose, to be his guide through the evening.

Undoubtedly reindeer are inseparable from Christmas lore and from the holiday decorations and ornaments that adorn our homes and the evergreen tree during the season. So, when you host a festive party this season, with drinks and food galore can it really feel festive without a few reindeer games thrown in? Instead of opting for traditional beer pongs and ‘never have I evers’ put a bit of holiday cheer into your drinking games and go for some fun activities centred on Santa’s favourite ride.

Read on below to know more about some reindeer games that can add to the boozy fun you have at your next Christmas party:

Reindeer Ring Toss

This is basically like any ring toss game you would play at a local fair but with reindeer antlers. One person has to don the antlers and others have to try and score by aiming to put candy cane rings through at least one of them, if not the pair. Every time you lose, you take a shot! Keep shot glasses handy filled with Don Julio Blanco because aiming from afar is not as easy as it sounds.

Rein ‘beer’ Pong

Put a holiday spin on traditional beer pong. All the rules remain the same, the only difference is you get to swat the opposing team’s ping-pong balls with reindeer antlers. You can pick out a sturdy little hairpiece featuring the tall, brown-coloured defences against the opposing team and stay alert as soon as the assault of ping pong balls begins. Swap the beer with 30 ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label to pack your holiday drinking game with an intense punch.

Reindeer Relay Race

Ever played a relay race on sports day in school? Use your sporty talents and add some competitive fun into a holiday drinking game. Break your participants up into two teams where each team gets one antler. The challenge could be to reach a Christmas present in time and you have to pass the baton antler to the next player while overcoming a series of obstacles. Essentially players would chug half a pint of beer or a couple of shots at a quick pace before running over to your teammate. This promises to be a fun game but avoid binge drinking lest you throw up on the antlers!

Reindeer Trivia Shots

If you believe you know a lot about Christmas history and folklore, turn your party into a trivia night themed around reindeer and Santa Claus’ most famous stories and songs. From naming all reindeer to being able to sing Christmas carols featuring the adorable Rudolph, ask guests a series of questions, where each wrong answer means taking a shot of a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka.

Red Nose Wins

Cheer Rudolph up a little bit and play a fun game involving his red nose. Fill a sack with multicoloured rubber balls or gumballs and pass them around a group. Guests have to pick a ball out without peeking into the sack and the one who gets Rudolph’s red nose wins. Every person who picks out a different coloured rubber ball has to take a shot.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Make a miniature sleigh as a bar accessory and fill it up with shot glasses of a Don Julio Blanco or a Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka. When that’s ready, pass around a dice among your friends where each one rolls in turn and whatever number they land on, is the number of shots they must take out of the sleigh! You can also roll the mini sleigh in a circle and when it skids to a halt, the person nearest to the sleigh takes a shot.

Next time you host a Christmas party, organise drinking games themed around reindeer to introduce a thoroughly cute holiday feel into the gathering.


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