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Planning a road trip or to a hill station with friends this summer? Then you might want to add more fun to your trip. You can take pre-batched cocktails on the trip to add fun and level up your mood. Here are a few party planning tips and tricks you should remember while travelling when you have the best cocktails in mind.

Bring the Best Cocktails to Your Next Trip with These Travel Tips 

Enjoy your favourite cocktail while exploring new destinations. If you refuse to compromise on flavour, even when you're away from home, you're in for a treat. Follow these tips to keep your best cocktails handy with you while travelling.

Packing Essentials

As you pack your bags for the journey, you would want to gather supplies for your favourite cocktail recipe. Grab smaller bottles or pouches to pre-batch cocktails and serve them directly while experiencing the exquisite places on your trip.

Avoid Perishable Ingredients

Leave the freshly squeezed juices and delicate ingredients at home when you prepare your cocktails for travel. They might not hold up well during the journey and get spoiled quickly, leaving your favourite concoctions devoid of the charm you have fallen for. Instead, opt for cocktails that focus more on the alcohol itself, such as Boulevardier, Negroni, Martini, and Old Fashioned. Go for cordials or special liqueurs to replace citrus-based ingredients.

And guess what? You still have the option to get that fruity kick by infusing dried fruits right into your spirits. Make herbs, tea, and other dried ingredients your friends to give a unique twist to your drinks and turn them into the best cocktails even while on a trip.

Go For Ready-To-Drink Cocktails 

Imagine a sleek box that easily slides through your letterbox, holding a delightful surprise. That's when NIO (needs ice only) cocktails come into the picture. It is a super innovative way to enjoy your favourite drinks, especially on the go. They are premixed drinks with an easy cocktail recipe that only needs some ice to make them shine. They are a must-have before any party planning on your trip.

Flavour Pairing with Local Ingredients

Flavour pairing for cocktails while on a trip can be a fun and creative way to experiment with local ingredients and create unique drinks. Don’t get bold or try something wacky, as it may destroy the mood of your trip. Start with a classic cocktail recipe and then incorporate local ingredients. For example, make a Mojito but replace the traditional mint with a local herb like basil or lemongrass.

Although you can mix and match those flavours that you know will taste incredible and lift your mood, you can mix vodka cocktail with Royal Challenge whisky, which you can easily find in a local store.

Savour & Sip with Cocktails 

Everybody loves snacks while drinking at home, so why not pack some while travelling too? You can pair up French appetisers with your cocktail recipe. This way, when pouring a mini road cocktail, you won’t miss that homely feeling. Signature Premium Grain Whisky goes well with French appetisers  making a perfect flavour pairing of cocktail and snacks.

Wrapping Up

In the delightful world of travel, savouring cocktails can be a captivating journey all its own. We have unveiled the secrets to making the best cocktails on the road, combining flavours like a pro, and even indulging in delectable French appetisers to elevate your experience.

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