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Party Menu Drinks You Can Sip and Savour without Hangover

The Low-ABV Wave

Recently, Low-ABV has become increasingly popular in the craft cocktail world. Occasionally, circumstances arise that warrant a beverage that deviates from the classic Martini or Manhattan. Perhaps you desire a drink that allows for extended enjoyment into the night, or you may crave a light and revitalising cocktail. In such situations, low-ABV cocktail recipes come to the rescue. These cocktails with low alcoholic levels promise to keep you well in your senses while you indulge in a relaxing experience, whether it be a house party or your ‘me time’.

Easy Low-ABV Cocktail Recipes to Gladden Your Heart

1. Averna Cobbler

This juicy vermouth cocktail perfectly blends the bittersweet and approachable amaro Averna with sweet vermouth, lemon juice, and a bar spoonful of marmalade. The concoction gets its mysterious sweetness and fruit flavour from just a spoonful of marmalade.

- 50 ml Averna
- 20 ml sweet vermouth
- 20 ml lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
- 1 teaspoon marmalade (blackberry, black cherry, or orange)

Mix the ingredients well and add mint leaves and some cracked bell pepper for garnishing.

2. Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz
One of the popular low-ABV drinks that comes with very easy-to-remember cocktail recipes. The secret to making a perfect Aperol Spritz is to add Prosecco, Aperol, and sparkling water in a 3:2:1 ratio.

- 90 ml of Prosecco
- 60 ml of Aperol
- 30 ml of club soda

Mix the ingredients well and add an orange wheel to serve the drink in style.

3. Sherry Cobbler

This is one of those amazing  that require just one alcoholic ingredient - amontillado sherry (wine).

- 90 ml of dry amontillado sherry
- 7 ml of sugar syrup

Mix the ingredients well, pour them into an ice-filled Collins glass, and have a personal masterpiece ready.

Reasons to have low-ABV cocktails at your Home Bar

Low-ABV bar drinks are worth exploring options that rely on low-alcohol components like vermouth, sherry, and amaro instead of high-proof spirits. From vibrant spritzes to sophisticated stirred aperitifs such as the Adonis and Bamboo, these bar drinks require minimal effort to concoct and provide an effortless drinking experience. Need more convincing? Read ahead to learn about some of the benefits of low-ABV cocktails.

1. Creativity
Low-ABV cocktails are the perfect playground for experimenting with unexpected ingredients that awaken the senses. Low-ABV offers liberty to the home bartenders to play with flavours, balancing flavours like sweet, sour, and bitter and replacing the astringency of alcohol with something new and refreshing. Additionally, fruits and aromatic herbs let you be creative with the flavours without increasing the alcohol content of the drink.

2. Drinkability
Low-ABV cocktails are usually lighter on the palate. The cocktail recipes can be enjoyed with the snacks and the main course. This also implies that this type of concoction goes with all kinds of meals – day and night.

3. Health and Safety
With today’s consumers drifting more towards healthier lifestyles in their dining experiences, low-ABV bar drinks provide a great way to switch to moderate drinking.

Final Thoughts
Low-ABV cocktails contain low levels of alcohol and still taste great. Whether you are planning to rock the house party with tiki-style tropical cocktails or be a home bartender and indulge in a laid-back weekend with herbaceous sippers, The Bar has got you covered! The Bar offers an extensive collection of dazzling low-ABV bar drinks recipes perfect for relaxing and enjoying a house party, an afternoon on the beach or anything in between. Find your favourite now!

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