Party planning with Irish whiskey

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Baileys Original Irish whiskey Cream liqueur, one of life's most enjoyable treats, is the finest fusion of quality Irish whiskey, Irish dairy cream, and intense chocolate and vanilla flavours. The delicious outcome will surely amaze you in your party planning. However, you should always drink responsibly as it can cause health issues.

Exploring the types of Irish whiskey for your next House Party

Experiencing Irish whiskeyIrish drinks enjoy a wonderful run, offering a wide spectrum of delightful types and flavours despite being most recognised for creamy, golden, blended whiskeys.

Single Malt

single malt
Single malt whisky is crafted at a specific distillery using malted barley as its primary ingredient. The term "single" does not necessarily imply that the whiskey was produced in a single barrel, but actually, it's frequently the outcome of numerous separate barrels ageing by that same maker.

These spirits only need to be distilled twice, at the very least. In contrast to Scotch single malt, which only undergoes two distillations, many Irish whiskeys stand out due to their triple distillation process. We suggest trying the Jameson whiskey sour Irish sour when organising a party. You cannot forget single malt whisky while party planning.

Single Pot

It is made from a mixture of malt and unmalted barley and is extremely distinctive to Ireland. It dates back to when the British Crown taxed whiskey producers by levying high fees on the malted grains used in manufacturing. 

Intelligent distillers devised a loophole by adding a significant portion of unmalted barley, frequently utilised by farmers and not paying the same tax. Usually, the odd mash bill results in a wonderful, earthy, creamy whiskey. Drinking responsibly is suggested while intake. Instead of a more commercial column, it is distilled in a pot of copper. 

Single Grain

It is a light, captivating whiskey style that has been an essential ingredient in mixes for over a century. Single grain is growing in popularity as a separate commercial speciality, nonetheless, in recent years. Here, the term "single" simply denotes that it is produced in a single location.

However, the drink can make your party planning more attractive and enjoyable because it is light-bodied and tastes mild. It is made by distilling various cereal grains, mostly corn, although a tiny amount is also made from barley and wheat. The distinctive lightness of Irish grain whiskey is a result of this method of manufacture.

Irish Blended

Exploring flavoursA blended Irish whiskey, as its name implies, is one that has been made by combining two or more distinct whiskeys, either in one distillery or at numerous. While that technique frequently lowers the price of blended Irish whiskeys, it does not lower their quality. The complete opposite. Due to the many components of making Irish whiskey, maintaining a drink's flavour from year to year might require just as much consideration and skill as making a single malt whiskey in a distinctive style. 
A trustworthy go-to brand is beneficial and necessary if you're seeking a solid beverage. Bailey's original Irish whiskey became one of the best-selling brands, and the taste is loved by many. 

Summing up
Baileys original Irish whiskey consists of whiskey and spirits of Ireland. Other whiskeys may burn like molten lead as they flow down, whereas Irish whiskey does not. Irish whiskey is known for the taste of whiskey sour, being mild and approachable, and its lack of bitterness is likely what sets it apart from other alcoholic beverages by allowing its flavour notes to shine out and interact with one another.

A sip of whiskey is not that risky. Visit The Bar India for your next house party.