Planning A Cocktail Party

Planning A Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties combine business with pleasure in one cute little package. And the bow on the package? Although it takes half as much work as dinner, it has twice the ability to impress. For a simple, hassle-free celebration that will raise the bar, follow this approach.

You can have a cocktail party in one of three ways: with a full bar, a themed party, or a signature cocktail bar. A full bar is pricey and useless unless you already have one set up at home or are throwing a big party where you're going all out. With one or two alcoholic drink options, a range of mixers, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, themed and signature cocktail bars are simpler to manage.

Estimate that your party will have between 6 and 20 guests. Any fewer guests and it ceases to be a party, necessitating the hiring of servers and bartenders. The invitations might be themed or just conventional cards with attractive typography. Include the party's start and conclusion times as well as any dress requirements. For a less formal meeting, you might choose to send e-invitations or simply call the guests.

Pick the venue for the celebration and arrange the furnishings to allow for easy movement of all attendees. Provide seating for 10–15% of the visitors, arranged in groups along the wall. Place the food station in the middle of a small room. If not, place small food stations at various corners of the room to entice visitors to circle the space. Have subtle decor items placed thoughtfully throughout the space to set the mood for a themed party. Theme colour can also be employed in lighting. The attractiveness will be increased by appropriate background music and some floral arrangements placed prominently at the bar and at food stations. Print the recipes to help the guests mix their beverages.

Choose two simple yet popular cocktails to serve, and stock up to serve lots of those. Even better if these can be premixed and stored in pitchers. So that guests may help themselves, place the pitchers, ice buckets, and glasses on the table with the garnishes. You will also need all the essential bar utensils (ideally two sets), bottle openers, a small knife and chopping board, zesters, and towels. Each visitor will require a total of three or four glasses. Additionally, guests would anticipate neat servings, on-the-rock variations of the available spirits, as well as ice-bathed beer and wine. For those who need to sober up, there are two non-alcoholic options on the menu as well as coffee. Set out water for the visitors in prominent locations.

Basic garnishes like olives, pickled onions, cherries, lemon and lime wedges, mint, salt, and fine sugar should be available. If you like, you can even use stronger alternatives like chiles and cinnamon sticks. Alternatively, you can flavour the water where the ice is being made by adding fresh herbs, edible flowers, or berries before it is frozen.

The ideal serving for cocktail parties is hors d'oeuvres. They let your guests freely move about the room while snacking on them because they are small enough to devour in one or two bites. Pick two items that must be assembled, two cooked items, and a couple of snacks. A decent rule of thumb is to serve two servings of each type of hors d'oeuvre for a cocktail party held outside of regular mealtimes. To ensure that no one drinks on an empty stomach, prepare more food and make sure there is enough for everyone if the party is during mealtimes.

In addition to these, keep some fillers on hand, such as nuts, olives, popcorn, breadsticks, and dips, in case the guests are more ravenous than expected, unanticipated guests show up, or to prepare for your early guests. Make sure the menu offers a variety of vegetarian options as well. Cocktail napkins should be provided because finger foods might be messy, and a place should be designated for guests to dispose of their dirty plates and glasses. Include a trash can and a bucket for any remaining liquid. By doing this, the mess is reduced, and clean-up is simpler.


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