Pool Party Essentials To Get The Fun Flowing

Pool Party Essentials Cover

Who doesn't love a good pool party? It’s one of the fun parties to engage in. Sipping on some delicious cocktails, and splashing around with friends while basking in the sun. Summertimes and pool parties always go hand in hand. If you are planning on hosting a pool party, we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to organise everything to the T. So, to help you ace your hosting game, we have some essential checklists for you to consider. So, grab your floaties and let's dive in!

A Brief Guide To Pool Party Essentials 

1. Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable Outdoor FurniturePool parties are the best way to enjoy the outdoors. However, your guests will not always be splashing around in the water. So.. if you want them to feel comfortable, relax and enjoy the party, you will need to arrange some outdoor furniture. Here are a few ideas to get you started - chairs, loungers, stools, recliners etc.

2. A Lavish Platter With Party Snacks

Pool-side Platter for Easy SnackingImagine this, You are enjoying your time in the water and your stomach is rumbling for some food. No one would want to step out of the pool to grab some nibbles. So, organise a party snack platter filled with delicious finger foods. Keep it by the poolside so your guests can grab them whenever they want. If your party is small and intimate, maybe you could use a floating tray to serve your guests. Make sure not to drop any food in the pool!

3. Pool Party Cocktails & Mocktails

cocktails & Mocktails
A pool party and no cocktails to sip? Well, that won’t do. Have a well-stocked bar cart to keep the drinks flowing. Either you can show off your skills and whip up some simple and delicious drinks to your guests or hire a bartender. We would recommend stocking up your bar cart with all the essentials - liquors, spirits, mixers and garnishes. Alternatively, you can even set up a DIY cocktail bar so your guests can make their own drinks. Here are a few pool party cocktails that you can serve - spritz cocktails, martinis, blue Hawaiian, pina coladas, whisky highballs, margaritas and shot drinks. Also, don’t forget to have some mocktails on the menu so your sober-conscious pals can have a great time too! 

4. Pool Party Floaties

Floaties for Fun and Relaxation
Floaties make all the difference at pool parties! They are the ultimate key to having fun-filled and memorable moments with your friends. These inflatables come in various shapes and sizes. Choose a design you want and take your party celebrations to a whole new level. Some floatie ideas: flamingo, doughnut, watermelon, unicorn, etc.

5. Amp Up The Fun With Party Games

Pool Games For Fun And Competition
Keep your guests engaged and entertained with some fun pool party games. These games are a surefire way to keep your guests splashing and laughing during the party. Party games are all about fun, so plan on something that’s easy and super enjoyable. Here are a few ideas for you: water volleyball, pool basketball, etc.

Well, that’s the wrap of our recommendations on must-have pool party essentials. We hope with these suggestions you can ace your hosting game and plan an unforgettable pool party for your guests. Whether it’s a celebration, a casual get-together or a spirited party, these will definitely have your friends talking about it for ages.