Popular Cocktails with New Twists in 2023

Cocktail Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

The world of cocktails is rapidly evolving because bartenders and mixologists never cease experimenting with various ingredients. The variety of cocktails at the bar always keeps the people entertained - be it with a simple martini or a bit complex Manhattan cocktail. From mixing fruits with alcohol to subtle garnishing, a cocktail is more about enjoying a drink. This blog will discuss how the cocktail trend is making waves in 2023.

Cocktail Trends You Must Watch Out For Your Next House Party 

If you are a bartender new in this industry or planning to host a house party, you must know about the latest cocktail trends. It will help you serve your guests the appropriate drink.

Spicy drinks

The significant shift from sugary sweet cocktails to subtle spicy drinks proves the palette has changed. People have started considering spicy cocktails in their party menus. This drink is making waves from the social circles to everyday gatherings. Some popular spicy cocktail options are Picantes, Spicy Margs, Bloody Maria’s, Cucumber Wasabi Martini, etc.

Negroni with twists

Spicy Drink
The bartenders and mixologists experiment with the already popular drinks, and one such drink is Negroni. This classic bittersweet cocktail has become a part of many party menus over the years. If you prefer a lower-alcohol version of Negroni, you may try the Negroni Sbagliato, which uses sparkling wine instead of gin.

Fancy ice cubes

Fancy Ice Cubes
Over the years, cocktails at the bar have been garnished with different types of ice cubes that differ in shape and size. Ice cubes will not only make your Manhattan cocktail or any other drink cool. They also add an aesthetic feel and experience to the drink. You can add flavours like lime, lemon, lavender, cucumber and mint or coffee to the ice cubes.

Low and no-alcohol cocktail options

Low and No-alcohol
People are increasingly opting for low or no-alcohol cocktails. Drinks such as Americano, Bamboo, Averna Cobbler, and Garibaldi have lower levels of alcohol and meet the consumers' needs. Be it at a house party or bar, you can expect to see the rise of these drinks consistently.

Blast from the past

Cocktail lovers are drooling over the 90’s drinks. Be it an espresso martini or the Apple martini, the bartenders struggle to meet the demands of such cocktails at the bars. You will be astounded to find Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Bramble, Cable Car, etc., competing against new-age cocktail options of any party menu.

Spiked slushies

Spiked slushies are a new trend that dominates the bars around the world.  This is how people love consuming their favourite drinks at house parties or bars. A Frozen Cosmo slushy has become a favourite option among the people over any vodka-based cocktail. Some other alcohol-based slushies are Frozen mango margaritas, Pineapple rum slush, Sex on the Beach slush, etc.

You should consider these emerging cocktails at your bars to entertain your guests. You may experiment with lots of drinks and even discover new drinks. Be it a Manhattan cocktail or a Pina Colada. Your bar should be buzzing with delicious and exquisite drinks.

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