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Revisiting Indian Summer With These Amchur-Flavoured Cocktails

Aam panna drink

Just a pinch is all it takes to transform a recipe into an extraordinary experience. Today, our bar experiments consist primarily of amchur, that delightful dried mango powder that whispers tales of long and lazy Indian summers. It's time this spice, often hidden in the shadows of kitchen shelves, took centre stage in our drink recipes. Here are five cocktails where amchur isn’t just an ingredient but the life of the party.

An Unexpected Twist with Amchur Martini

Ever thought a martini could remind you of a bustling spice bazaar? Mix 60 ml Smirnoff Red Vodka with 10 ml dry vermouth, then introduce a pinch of amchur for that familiar sourness. Rim the glass with a mix of black salt and some more amchur and you have a clear winner. This martini becomes a conversation piece, tampering the vodka’s smoothness playfully with the gentle kick of green mango.

Mango Lassi’s Spirited Cousin

Imagine a mango lassi that decided to go on a little adventure. Combine 30 ml Ciroc Vodka, 30 ml of mango pulp, a spoonful of yoghurt and half a teaspoon of amchur. This carnival-esque concoction is a joyous blend of creamy mango and a touch of amchur, taking you back to those childhood summers in grandma’s house, running around with a mango-stained mouth.

Indian summer cocktail

Aamras, But Make It Boozy

There's something about aamras that’s pure nostalgia. Blend 45 ml Johnnie Walker Blonde with 30 ml of mango puree and a hint of amchur, and you’ve captured a little ray of sunshine in a glass. This cocktail is like a monsoon retreat in a coastal city—balmy and comforting, with a touch of whimsy. It's where the richness of the mango meets the warmth of whisky, while amchur adds just enough pzazz to keep things interesting.

Cool Off With Aam Panna Margarita

We’re combining the summer staple, Aam Panna, to make a mean Margarita that will never go out of season. Take 60 ml Don Julio Blanco Tequila, stir in 30 ml aam panna, and add a sprinkle of amchur and lime. This drink is a tale of two cities: the vibrant energy of Delhi and the laid-back vibes of Mexico City. Blending the smoky notes of tequila with the coolness of aam panna and the kick of amchur to bring it all together is the perfect plot twist in this flavorful drink.

aam panna margarita

Spiced Amchur Fizz: The Beachside Memory

Now, for a breezy escape, try the Spiced Amchur Fizz. Just swirl 50 ml Tanquery No. 10 Gin with a teaspoon of amchur, topped off with sparkling water. The gin's herby botanicals gently collide with the amchur's sourness and you are left with a cocktail that hits the right spot after a dip in the warm summer sea. For an alcohol-free version, replace the Tanqueray with a non-alcoholic gin. Alternatively, you can also use mint-flavoured sparkling water to accompany the aam panna.
In each of these cocktails, amchur breaks out of character—an underrated condiment—and owns its well-deserved spotlight, transforming familiar drinks into exotic tales.

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