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Rum Glazed Stuffed Mushrooms: Caribbean-Inspired Treats For Tiki Gatherings

mushrooms and rum

Characterised by its bold flavours and vibrant, fresh ingredients, Caribbean cuisine is known for bringing together a wide variety of culinary traditions spanning African, European, Asian and southeast Asian regions. Cooking along the Caribbean shores involves working with bright flavours of tropical fruits and spices that were popular trading goods among the merchants and sailors who arrived on the ports here many centuries ago. 

A lot of Caribbean food inevitably incorporates multiple spices and sweet and tangy seasonings into its making that give these regional delicacies a bunch of complex flavour notes. 

And while meats, fruits and seafood make a prominent appearance in Caribbean cuisine, there are as many delicious vegetarian alternatives inspired from this culinary tradition that you can savour such as the stellar starter, rum glazed stuffed mushrooms.

mushroom appetiser

Cocktail Evening Appetiser

Stuffed mushrooms are delicious small bites for cocktail nights that can be circulated among your attendees as an inviting starter throughout the evening. Putting a Caribbean-inspired spin on these delightful amuse bouches would mean infusing certain ingredients like paprika and rum into its making. 

Rum is produced widely along the Caribbean shores and is used not only to craft cocktails but to also add a slight intensity to savoury and sweet treats. It brings in a lot of depth to meat preparations especially when it is used in marinades and sauces. A rum glaze made out of Captain Morgan Dark Rum would act as the perfect garnish for stuffed mushrooms because it performs a similar function of introducing complex, bold flavours into a relatively simple dish. 

Such a straightforward appetiser works well on cocktail evenings because it is still filled with a mouth watering stuffing of bread crumbs, garlic, chopped onions and some other brightly flavoured seasonings. The small bites also brim with an inviting aroma of rum mixed in balsamic vinegar and sugar that is used to give the mushrooms their bitter and tangy glaze. The rum glaze garnish brings in more layers into the stuffed mushrooms that accentuates the earthy notes of the funghi while brilliantly complementing its soft and smooth texture.

Undoubtedly, this dish goes well with a lot of different tiki cocktails like mojitos and piña coladas because the umami taste of the button mushrooms and the pungent notes of garlic coupled with the spicy onions and other seasonings like pepper or even paprika nicely pair with the sweet, sour and tangy tastes of drinks featuring fresh tropical fruits.

mushrooms with rum

Caribbean Flavours

What adds the inviting Caribbean notes into this dish is undoubtedly the rum glaze. This can be prepared easily like a salad dressing but remember to brush it thickly onto the mushrooms only after they are baked and properly cooked. Once the glaze has been lathered onto the starters, they can again be propped in the oven for about five minutes so the brown sugar and rum caramelise well, giving the whole dish a pleasing bitter yet sweet taste.

Ensure that the stuffing used for preparing the mushrooms is flavoured in a way that the seasoning shines through without becoming too overbearing. After all, the rum glaze and the stuffing have to blend well to bring the whole appetiser together. To add another textural element, consider topping the dish with some grated cheese like a fine cheddar or parmesan.

Moreover, while making the stuffing, finely chop and add the mushroom stems to the pan that will otherwise be discarded to make room for the filling. This will minimise waste and also give a lot of body to the filling. Paired with breadcrumbs, the stuffing will acquire quite a bit of volume too. When doused in spices like black pepper and paprika, the stuffing will acquire that spicy taste you are looking for when you derive inspiration from Caribbean cuisine. 

Once prepared, arrange these baked mushrooms on round platters that can be circulated through your cocktail gathering multiple times in the evening, paired with vibrantly flavoured drinks suited to the island or tiki theme.

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