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Six Cocktails That Change Colour For A Vibrant Drinking Experience

colour changing cocktail

If you have ever experimented with salt and lime juice, you would know that a dash of the citrusy notes give pink salt a purple hue. Adding certain ingredients to others can really change their colour because the chemical compounds mix together to create something wholly new. So is the case with cocktails too and mixologists across the world have been studying and working on myriad ingredients to dive deep into the art of blending different elements for producing quirky drinks. 

While there are many ingredients like lime juice and magic ice which can be used to change colours in a drink, one of the edible floral elements that has become quite popular in bartending cultures is the butterfly pea flower tea. The dried flowers are known to release a deep blue pigment when doused in hot water. Mixed with citrus, this gives the warm liquid tinges of purple and pink!

Read on below to know more about colour changing cocktails that transform when stirred or when ice is added or when they are simply served layered in two or three colours.

Cucumber Mint Cooler

This drink can take on two colours when the ingredients are all muddled together in a tall glass with the addition of a bit of gin and soda. Infusing gin to the mix will give the drink a dark purple or bluish hue that blends well with the botanical elements of the cocktail. But if you want to enjoy the fun of watching the mix switch colour right before your eyes, squeeze in a bit of lime juice so the drink acquires pinkish notes.

Gin Sour

While whisky sour is often a go-to drink, play around with the botanicals in a quality Tanqueray No. Ten Gin and make a cocktail which has a seductively purple hue. Adding egg whites to the gin sour recipe would not only give it a silky and glossy texture but also set off certain colours, making the drink acquire this distinctly floral tinge. You can dispense with edible flowers when you blend egg whites with gin in this delightful recipe.


Purple Lemonade

Follow the classic recipe to make lemonade at home. Avoid store bought stuff, instead make your own non-alcoholic beverage full of the goodness of lemony zest and syrupy sugar. Give this classic drink a colourful twist by making blue ice out of butterfly pea flower tea. Drop the ice in a glass, pour lemonade over it and watch this drink change colour into a beautiful pastel purple.

Glow In The Dark Moscow Mule

If you are hosting a party with a rather eclectic theme, you can prepare this glow in the dark recipe using tonic water ice instead of regular ice. This variation of ice acquires a stunning glow visible in the dark that will give your drink an almost surreal, magical quality. Us

Kiwi Lime And Mint Julep

Another variation which uses magic ice is a fruity take on a classic cocktail made using kiwi, lime juice and vodka. In fact, this drink is a blast of colour and can be stacked to reveal the green of kiwi and mint. When ice is added to the concoction, it builds on the verdant green to release pink, purple and blue hues. Use a mix of crushed and magic ice to layer the colour transitions.

mint julep

e lots of lime juice and a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka to mix this quirky cocktail that glows in black light.

Sunset Margarita

You can go for a colour changing spirit to make this margarita variation. Simply add lemon and lime to colour changing tequila and watch a gorgeous sunset unravel itself in the glass the moment you start stirring the liquid. The cocktail will acquire orangish, purplish hues reminiscent of a beautiful setting sun on the beach.