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Six Customised Flask Ideas That Are Brilliant Return Gifts

whisky flask

Over the last few decades, using flasks for sipping a drink has become more of a style statement than a habit adopted by many consumers of fine spirits. Drinking out of a flask then is many times all about the drama and mystery involved in whipping it out of your waistcoat pocket or your purse in the middle of a conversation to either take a swig or pour some of its contents into your coffee! Inevitably, flasks would work as superb return gifts if you are planning a party and want to come up with fun presents for your guests to take home.

Flasks are kitschy items for informal occasions like a themed party celebrating the Jazz Age or the era of the speakeasies or even a Godfather night. And you can add a personal touch to these boozy containers by using several simple hacks that turn a simple gift into a customisable product. To top this up, you can also give your guests a flask loaded with a boozy cocktail so when they get home, they can sip on this drink as a nightcap.

Here's how you can customise flasks the next time you plan to hand them out as return gifts:

Vinyl Decals Or Stickers

Vinyl decals are essentially adhesive-backed stickers which are durable and most of all, washable. You can use fun vinyl decals resonating with your party’s overall theme like a retro night or Bollywood night to paste them on the flasks that make up your return gifts. You can also turn decorating these flasks with vinyl decals into a fun DIY activity and get your closest friends to participate before the actual party begins.

Custom Engravings

An old trick in the party planning playbook, customised engravings involve using the name or pet name of your attendees as a way to personalise their return gifts. You can get these engraved on the flasks ahead of time before you fill them up with whisky, cognac or any other spirit of your choosing. Custom engravings would mean that every guest coming to your party has been thought about, making all the attendees feel special after having attended your gala.

Custom Engravings

Flask Covers

Get custom flask covers made either using leather or cloth to add a bit of flourish to your return gift. You can use paints, embossing or even stamping to infuse a customised flair into the flask. Pack the flasks up in their cases and place these return gifts on a separate table so guests can pick them up when they are on their way out. Make sure you fill the flask with a quality Scotch like a Johnnie Walker Blue Label so attendees have a delicious surprise waiting for them when they open their presents.

Flask Cocktails

If you like to dabble in mixology, one of the finest ways to customise your flasks would be to prepare a stunning cocktail featuring some of your favourite ingredients. You can either prepare a classic mix like a screwdriver or highball or create an inventive cocktail using quality blends. A cocktail specially prepared for an evening you have planned and curated will add a delightful personal touch to the return gift and enable your guests to enjoy a taste of the party after the evening is wrapped up and they have gone home.

Pouch Flasks

These are not just for your Pirates of the Caribbean-themed gatherings but would work as return gifts at any party with a tiki or island theme. Leather pouch flasks carry this roguish vibe which has led them to become quite a fashionable trend. You can celebrate this dramatic statement with return gifts that resemble a notorious sailor’s leather container filled with rum.

pouch flask

Gold Plated Stoppers

When you fancy splurging a little, you can turn your flask into a luxury return gift by using a gold-plated stopper to adorn a dark black container. The gold stopper will add an exquisite touch to your party favour and make it appropriately luxurious especially when you are hosting a formal dinner but want to go with a return gift that carries a hint of fun.

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