Six Hacks To Ward Off That New Year Hangover

Six Hacks To Ward Off That New Year Hangover

When the ball drops and you usher in the beginning of another adventurous and eventful year with a cocktail in hand, what awaits the next morning is hardly a cute start. Hangovers after a New Year’s bash are real and what’s more, they can really kill the buzz of enjoying the first day of a bright new beginning. While sipping on a good whisky or a really indulgent cocktail on the last evening of the previous year with friends and scores of relatives might indeed be a super delightful way to celebrate, the after effects need to be counteracted too, in order to start the first day of the year with equal zeal.

There are some handy hangover cures, quick and easy to follow, if you wake up feeling groggy and with a really bad headache after the night’s festivities are done and you stumble into bed in the wee hours of the morning. These remedies are really the most basic tricks to rid your body of toxins and fill it up with lots of water and good digestives that would ward off acidity and nausea so you feel fresh and energised to take on the new year’s day with renewed vigour.

Read on below to know more about some handy hangover cures to ward off the blues following a New Year’s Eve bash:

Apple Cider Vinegar And Ginger

One of the oldest hangover remedies, this one really comes out of a grandmother’s playbook and is a sureshot way to get rid of nausea the morning after a good party. Mix apple cider vinegar with a bit of honey and some ginger juice and chug it like you chugged that beer the night before to get rid of a persisting urge to throw up. Apple cider vinegar is a good diuretic which reduces fluid retention and also helps to balance your blood sugar levels. Ginger does an excellent job of working on a gippy tummy so put these juices to work to deal with a NYE hangover.


This one is the most basic trick in a hangover-cure guide. Keep sipping on water through the course of the morning after your party to restore hydration in the body and ward off a splitting headache. Water will also help you to deal with whisky breath the morning after. Infuse a jug of plain water with peppermint or a few mint leaves for a refreshing feel. You can also chew on the mint leaves to counter a hangover nausea.

Banana Milkshake

Start your new year morning with a banana milkshake or smoothie complete with the goodness of a fruit rich in sodium and potassium. Bananas replenish the body’s stores of good nutrients while milk is a filling source of casein which helps to combat the after effects of alcohol. Add a bit of honey to this recipe for a sweet note and an energy boost.

Six Hacks To Ward Off That New Year Hangover

Coconut Water

Tender coconut water is a great source of electrolytes. After a night of hard partying, your body might feel sore and the head a bit numb, because you would have expelled all energy potions. Fill yourself up with refreshing coconut water to rehydrate your body and pump it with electrolytes that will give you a rejuvenating boost. Make sure you have the tender coconut water fresh and before noon to extract optimum results.

Raw Eggs

If you don't mind the taste of raw eggs, this is an excellent hangover cure. Just break a couple of them in a glass and add some milk before gobbling them up. Eggs have an excellent effect on headaches and nausea and will get rid of all your hangover symptoms. But avoid going running like Rocky Balboa after gulping your eggs when you are hungover otherwise you might see them in reverse!

Six Hacks To Ward Off That New Year Hangover

Strawberry And Almond Smoothie

This might feel like a rather rich drink to sip on but strawberries actually contain lots of anti-inflammatory properties that get rid of the heaviness you might experience on a morning after a good party. Yoghurt in the smoothie contains tons of probiotics and almonds add a creamy texture to the drink along with some essential minerals that help replenish the body’s energy stores.

After your new year’s party galore, wake up the next morning and whip up these quick drinks to get rid of bad hangovers.