Six Indulgent Creamy Liqueurs Around The World

creamy liqueurs around the globe

There is something singularly pleasing and appealing about sipping on a creamy liqueur or a concoction which uses a spirit base and heavy cream to prepare a thick and silky drink carrying bitter and slightly sweet notes. Creamy liqueurs can be added to cocktails or can be indulged in by themselves with a chocolate or coffee topping. There are a lot of choices available out there for anyone who enjoys this rather luxurious blend of spirits like rum, whisky and even local fruits and absolutely indulgent heavy cream that work as delicious desserts or as drinks accompanying your dessert course.

Along with Baileys Irish Cream, which is perhaps one of the most popular and well-known creamy liqueurs out there, one can find many other varieties that are specific to certain regions and are concoctions which celebrate the local produce of that place. From a Mexican kahlúa to a Japanese sake cream, there are myriad options to choose from when it comes to creamy liqueur concoctions that add just a bit of density and richness to your cocktails.

Read on below to know more about some of the creamy liqueurs known around the world: 


Hailing from South Africa, this drink is made using the African marula fruit by carefully handpicking and then distilling the essence of this local produce into a luxe liqueur. The fruit is picked from what is also known as the elephant tree and is blended with sugar, cream and a dash of vanilla essence. It carries a slightly caramel flavour and once the drink is distilled into a liqueur, it acquires a very indulgent and dense texture that goes well with a vodka or whisky cocktail. Amarula also pairs well with a dessert course and you can enjoy it chilled with a warm sweet treat.



From Mexico comes a creamy liqueur which blends rum, vanilla and sugar to make up a thoroughly delicious drink which is the main ingredient in many cocktails like the espresso martini. Of course, the most important ingredient in making the kahlúa is Mexican coffee wherein the notes of the Arabican coffee beans add a generous layer of coffee aromas and flavours into the creamy mix. Kahlúa works best when you are working with rum infused cocktails to give them a very luxe quality.

Baileys Irish Cream

This one needs no introduction because Baileys is perhaps one of the most celebrated cream liqueurs out there which makes use of Irish whisky to arrive at a very delectable blend of flavours. Baileys was crafted in Dublin and its heavy notes of cocoa, vanilla and caramel make this the most sought after alternative to add liqueur notes to your everyday coffee or hot chocolate.

sake cream liqueur

Sho Chiku Bai Sake Cream

This Japanese variation of a creamy liqueur is quite delicious because it employs sake, rice wine and cream to arrive at a very unique blend of flavour. The Sho Chiku radiates some wonderfully fruity aromas of melon and a bit of vanilla essence which gives it a very smooth and wholesome texture. The sake cream looks a lot like milk and can be paired with some mildly spicy courses at an intimate dinner party.


This yellow coloured creamy liqueur is the Latin American version of eggnog and is a combination of milk, sugar, and egg yolks as well as a generous helping of rum or brandy. The drink is also infused with vanilla and some spices like nutmeg or cinnamon to give it a more festive feel. Rompope tastes really rich and can be served lukewarm or even on the rocks, particularly on festive occasions. 

Rum And Horchata

A mix of rum and horchata, this is another Latin American drink made from milk and spices that is very popular in America. RumChata combines Caribbean rum that is distilled five times with dairy cream, sugar and a spice blend made using cinnamon and vanilla. A rather spirited take on a simple mix of rice, milk and cinnamon, rumchata is a creamy liqueur that is savoured for its lightly sweet notes.

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