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Six Latin-Inspired Chicken Starters Bites For Connoisseurs Of Rum

Six Latin-Inspired Chicken Starters Bites For Connoisseurs Of Rum

Rum has its origins along the Caribbean shores where it was crafted from molasses left behind after processing sugarcane. The drink carries an intensely bitter taste, earthy notes and smoky flavours that pack it with a robust texture and deep taste. It is the perfect drink to sip on if you want to enjoy a light but quick buzz and a delicious spirit to add to cocktails. The bitter notes of rum pair well with several fruity, tangy, spicy and sour flavours which makes crafting culinary feasts for accompanying rum cocktails a very exciting affair.

There are many Latin inspired chicken starters reflecting the bright and bold flavours characteristic of this region in recipes that would certainly go well with vibrant cocktail mixes using rum as their base liquor. Chicken starters can complement rum served on the rocks too, making them a delicious food pairing for connoisseurs of this spirit. When you are next hosting a gathering featuring rum mixes, you might want to come up with some of these Latin focused delights to complete your cocktail game.

Read on below to know more about some of the chicken starters you can serve rum aficionados, inspired from some regions where this spirit remains popular:

Six Latin-Inspired Chicken Starters Bites For Connoisseurs Of Rum

Chimichurri Chicken Skewers

Chimichurri is a vibrant condiment used often in Latin American cuisine as a flavour addition to different meat preparations. Chicken skewers can be marinated in chimichurri and grilled on an open flame to release delicious aromas of parsley, garlic, olive oil and several spices that go into its making. Offer these fresh chimichurri skewers with rum and cola or a cuba libre served in a tall highball glass to enjoy a mix of spicy, refreshing and smoky flavours.

Chicken Coxinhas

Coxinhas are round dough balls that are traditionally stuffed with different kinds of meats and deep fried until they attain an inviting golden brown hue. This Brazilian delight goes splendidly with rum especially when it is stuffed with a creamy chicken mixture crafted out of a seasoning of onions, garlic and other assorted spices. The croquettes are best served warm and would nicely complement a fragrant mojito made out of premium white rum and a garnish of refreshing mint leaves.


Chicken and Black Bean Mini Quesadillas

A classic Latin delight, mini quesadillas are sought after starters especially when you are hosting an informal cocktail night at home. You can prepare these tacos by making a chicken and black bean filling and serve them with daiquiris or mai tais made from quality Captain Morgan Dark Rum. The shredded chicken in the tacos can be tossed lightly over butter and some cajun dressing to pack it with a spicy kick. Serve this lip smacking snack with a side of salsa and sour cream.

Chicken Tinga Tacos

Tortillas filled with shredded chicken cooked in a smoky tomato and chipotle sauce are a delightful starter emerging out of Latin American regions. The tortillas can be stuffed with pickled onions, cilantro and some queso fresco or white cheese for a creamy finish. These appetisers can be served with a side of chipotle and sour cream so you can enjoy their crispy texture alongside a touch of indulgent creamy notes. Paired with dark rum, chicken tinga tacos can be your go to alternative when you are hosting an informal cocktail night at home.

Six Latin-Inspired Chicken Starters Bites For Connoisseurs Of Rum

Chicken Empanadas

One of the classic delights from Latin American cuisine, chicken empanadas are savoury turnovers prepared by bringing together shredded chicken with onions, peppers and vibrant spices. The empanadas are subtly flavoured but can be quite heavy so the appetiser acts as a filling meal at an intimate gathering of friends coming together for game night. Serve empanadas with a side of refreshing tomato salsa and a cuba libre so the cola and rum undercut some of its doughy notes.

Tostones With Chicken And Avocado

Tostones or fried plantains are crispy delicacies that can be savoured with chilled drinks on warm summer evenings. Sip on a dark rum served on the rocks and relish this spirit with a side of tostones topped with spicy shredded chicken, avocado, some tangy cilantro and a dollop of lime crema.


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