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Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which Christmas Movie To Watch And What To Drink With It

cocktails and movie quiz

‘Tis the season to cosy up in front of the TV and have movie marathons with your loved ones! Say goodbye to work, and hello to the magic of cinema. There’s just something about watching classic Christmas movies at this time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. And even better, you can now put an adult twist on your movie nights by sipping on some holiday cocktails! 

So keep your liquor cabinet ready, grab some popcorn, and wrap yourself in your softest blanket. We’re about to tell you which Christmas movie you should watch, and what you should be drinking with it.

How to take the quiz:

You’ll have to do some math here on out. Whatever options you select for each question, add up the corresponding option numbers to get your final tally. So if you select options 1, 2, and 3, your final tally would be 6, which will determine your result.

Q1. What’s your ideal winter setting?

1. A mountain retreat in the snow

2. A bustling city lit up for the holidays

3. A quaint small town filled with Christmas spirit

4. A beachside escape

Q2. Pick a movie genre.

1. Family dramas

2. Romcoms

3. Cinematic classics

4. Comedies

Q3. Pick an actor.

1. Emma Thompson

2. Hugh Grant

3. Jimmy Stewart

4. Will Ferrell

Q4. What’s your preferred movie time period?

1. The present day

2. The 1950s

3. The Victorian era

4. The 2000s

Q5. Pick an element you like in films.

1. Dynamic animation

2. A well-produced soundtrack

3. A surprising plot twist

4. Memorable quotes and dialogues

cocktails and movie quiz

Now let’s add your scores to find your ideal film and cocktail pairing.

If your tally is 5-8, your perfect movie is It’s A Wonderful Life, paired with a scotch whisky smash. This Christmas classic follows a suicidal man who has a change of heart, because an angel who shows him what life would have been had he not existed. Mix scotch with hot apple cider, a dash of maple syrup, and a cinnamon stick, and let the drink warm you along with the film.

If your tally is 9-12, you should watch Love Actually, along with a gin cranberry fizz. Navigate the complexity of romance and relationships along with all the onscreen couples, and root for the power of love, all with this mixture of gin, cranberry juice, and sparkling water by your side.

If your tally is 13-16, you should watch Miracle on 34th Street, with an Irish cream peppermint cocoa. The film is full of childlike wonder as a mother and child help a man by proving he is the real Santa Claus. Revisit your inner child (with an adult twist, of course)  with hot cocoa, Irish cream liqueur, and a dash of peppermint syrup.

If your tally is 17-20, you should watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, curled up with a pomegranate margarita. The movie is fantastic, whimsical, and exactly what the title says: a creature who wants to steal Christmas. It fits to have the whimsy of pomegranate juice, orange juice, ginger beer, and tequila, spiced with vanilla and cinnamon. Enjoy your trip to Whoville!

As you bring in Christmas with these films, remember to drink responsibly. You can always make non-alcoholic variants of these drinks and have just as good a time. Hapy watching!