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Tanqueray Twists: 5 Cocktails That Are A Reinventive Spin On Classic Gin Drinks

tanqueray gin cocktails

Gin is a thoroughly interesting spirit: it is tasty, refreshing and malleable—making it a very appealing choice for crafting cocktails. In America, early mixologists often incorporated gin into cocktail recipes particularly during prohibition because it was not only a liquor that could be distilled in low key home breweries, but it also lent itself easily to mixers along with facilitating secret consumption. The drink can hardly be had neat, but when it is blended with certain mixers like citruses or tonic water, it acquires an alluring quality and depth that makes it very appealing. 

Over time, along with a martini or a classic gin fizz, many other gin cocktails have sprung up which incorporate herby, fruity and floral elements into their recipes. These celebrate the botanical properties inherent to making quality gin because the liquor is primarily made from juniper berries and other assorted plants with many medicinal properties. A Tanqueray No. Ten Gin is quite the classic, carrying some vanilla and floral notes for a very elegant finish. You can make many cocktails that reinvent classic recipes or put a gin spin on some other mixes to produce stunning and inventive blends the next time you host a gathering at home.

Read on below to know more about some reinventive takes on classic gin cocktails made using a stout bottle of Tanqueray No. Ten:

Elderflower Gin Fizz

While gin fizz or gin with a healthy helping of soda or sparkling water added to it has been a popular cocktail, one of the more inventive spins on this carbonated drink has meant adding a hint of floral notes to the recipe. A splash of elderflower liqueur works perfectly in crafting such a blend. Moreover, because it’s a fizz, it also involves using a creamy egg white to top the drink off for a very frothy feel. The floral aromatised liqueur blends perfectly with a spirit heavy in the aromas of citruses and several botanicals making the cocktail stand out because of its simple but interesting incorporation of the mulled spirit.
classic gin drinks

Elderflower Gin Gimlet

Gin gimlet is one of the oldest gin concoctions that any mixology enthusiast would know of. The exact origins of the gimlet remain uncertain but sometime in the 1800s, it was gulped by sailors to prevent scurvy. It’s a rather straightforward mix of gin and lime juice but the modern mix carries a slight twist. This is made using elderflower liqueur with all other ingredients intact to add a vibrant touch to the recipe. You can make this drink by building all the contents in a shaker and pouring it straight into a glass to be served chilled but without ice. Shake the drink for a bit so it remains cool for long even when the ice cubes are strained away after pouring.

Ginger Pear Tom Collins

Tom Collins is another classic drink that is made adding lime juice and carbonated water to the spirit. The drink has been reinvented many times over with interesting additions to the original recipe—one of which includes incorporating ginger syrup and muddled ripe pears. Ginger adds a very zesty kick to the drink and pears add a delectable sweetness infusing a complex layer into a rather simple mix. Add Tanqueray gin into the recipe to celebrate its citrusy and berry-like flavours.

reinventing gin cocktails

Chamomile Honey Gin Mix

Tanqueray No. Ten carries a lot of chamomile notes which give the spirit a somewhat deep flavour full of the soothing notes of the herb. You can make a cocktail by infusing chamomile tea into honey to make a syrup that is then mixed with gin and fresh lime juice. The drink acquires some really fresh flavours and becomes a very inventive take on classic gin mixes.

Moscow Mule Gin Twist

If you want to swap vodka for a more floral and flavoured liquor, you can use gin instead to make a reinvented moscow mule. The ginger beer in the recipe packs the drink with a spicy and zesty kick which goes really well with the floral, aromatised notes of gin. Moscow mule has been reimagined with varied combinations over time yet, with the addition of gin, it acquires a very simple yet pleasing twist which has become quite the favourite.

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