The Best Oscars Watch Parties Are Made Of These

By: Neelanjana Mondal

The Best Oscars Watch Parties Are Made Of These

THE OSCARS begin at dusk or a little later since it's held in Hollywood, Los Angeles in the US, but for Indians, the telecast time is almost at the crack of dawn. Night owl or not, it’s not exactly a very sane hour to watch television especially when it’s live and on Monday. The early birds will surely agree as well. Such an odd hour calls for a cosy night-in or a location where you get as many comfortable surfaces as possible for your guests (and yourself) to lounge on as the Academy Awards ceremony progresses with the sun slowly rising on the horizon. Here is what you can do to prep: 

1. Book a venue

Gather your fellow Oscars viewing gang and book a cosy venue, get planning on it right now so you can work towards the big day without last-minute hassle. If possible, find something that rents per hour or a better deal would be to check in at a hotel on Sunday night and stay in for the Oscars the next morning. Call the venue, be it the hotel or the place where they hold exclusive events and ask for their recommendations if you are unsure. 

The Best Oscars Watch Parties Are Made Of These

2. Plan your Sunday well

Use the weekend to catch up on your sleep and get everything you need to be done out of the way so you can sleep early and wake up early in time for the Academy Awards. It is no use snoozing away during the award ceremony only to have missed the epic moments that will become the most coveted or infamous pop culture reference of the year or even the decade.

3. Coffee and Cocktails 

This is the one time we’d say day-drinking is not bad, in moderation of course. Stock up on alcohol and plenty of coffee or even better, coffee liqueur-based alcohol and show off your bartending skills on the day. Make sure you have plenty of water so you don’t face the risk of dehydration or becoming inebriated too quickly. This is for night owls who find difficulty in falling asleep before 4 am which is precisely when the stars start to speed off for the Academy Awards in Hollywood. Do consider aperitifs to stimulate an appetite. 

The Best Oscars Watch Parties Are Made Of These

4. Mocktails for the Sober

You can also make delicious drinks that mimic cocktails for the folks who are actually going to work later on that particular day. Hand them Oscar-worthy mocktails that are a sight to behold, and as good as ambrosia. This will keep you hydrated and happy throughout the party as the award ceremony goes through its highs and lows. 

5. Finger Food

You need the energy to avoid snoozing, and food will help balance the liquor and coffee that might trigger more bathroom breaks for you otherwise. What’s a party without the food? Arrange these in advance because kitchens are seldom open that early in the morning, this includes delivery apps. Ditch the oily, deep-fried stuff that will be a sure-shot recipe for heartburn. Get a range of dips — anything from mayonnaise to herby varieties. You can also have hummus. Keep chips, poppers and kebabs handy. If they are air-fried that’s even better. If that does not sound like something you would want to eat that early or even later in the morning, go all out and make a breakfast spread that consists of nibbles from bagels,  muffins, fruits that are no larger than bite-sized morsels so there’s enough to munch on later without filling you up at one go. Make sure you have enough popcorn that isn’t covered in cheese or caramel so it gets you nauseous before the party even ends. 

The Best Oscars Watch Parties Are Made Of These

6. Make it a Pyjama Party

The attire for this watch party is pyjamas and we know you would like it that way given the time when all you would like to do is to be snuggled up in bed or on a comfortable sofa with snacks and cocktails in hand. Make sure to put that on the invite or e-invite.

7. Mementos

Food and drinks will disappear at the venue so how about making the event extra special by handing guests (and one for yourself) their own mini-Academy Award for being just amazing companions? Prepare these tokens in advance, go for the real deal by getting a trophy maker to mimic the Oscar statuette in mini versions. Otherwise, you can go the old way and make it a DIY project. Or you could also give guests thoughtful gifts that they would enjoy like tea bags, coffee pouches, chocolates and fridge magnets that they can keep.

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