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The Six Best Ciroc And Strawberry Cocktails For Spring

Six Best Ciroc And Strawberry Cocktails For Spring Season

Valentine’s Day is upon us and so is the refreshing spring season bringing in pleasing blossoms and inviting breezes, and most of all, fresh and zesty fruits that are packed with sweet, tart and tangy flavours. Adding these citrusy fruits to your classic cocktail recipes pack them with sweet and sour notes and balance out the intensity or excessive bitterness of your base spirits or mixers. Blended with ice, a seasonal fruit like strawberry is a pleasing addition to any cocktail concoction because it also introduces an adorable pinkish hue through the drink, making it perfect for a month of love and romance.

Vodka and strawberry is a classic combination. The clear, transparent spirit with its crisp notes and subtle flavours makes the fruity flavours of strawberry sing through any cocktail concoction while introducing it with a wonderful kick. You can make some stunning cocktails by bringing together strawberry and a quality Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka for such an exploration of flavour.

Read on below to know more about the drinks that can be stirred using a pour of premium Ciroc and fresh strawberries:

Ciroc Strawberry Martini

Swap the gin for a Ciroc vodka in this fruity spin on the martini that is extremely easy to prepare. You can make the strawberry vodka martini using lots of simple syrup and finely chopped strawberries to introduce its tart and sweet flavours into your drink. Garnish with a mint leaf and serve chilled. You can sip on this pink cocktail at a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Six Best Ciroc And Strawberry Cocktails For Spring Season

Sparkling Ciroc Strawberry Lemonade

For a refreshing drink suited to a garden party, make boozy lemonade using vodka and strawberry coupled with fresh lemons. Make use of freshly squeezed lime juice and prepare a strawberry lemonade first before adding a generous 45 ml pour of Ciroc vodka to the drink. You can prepare this cocktail in batches especially if you are hosting a garden party and bring it out in large jugs to be poured into wide rimmed juice glasses.

Ciroc And Rosé Strawberry Sangria

Mix vodka and a delightfully sweet rosé to make a drink that is as fresh as it is luxe. The drink will acquire a seductively pink hue and a sweet, tart and sour taste that makes it very appealing. You can cut up strawberries and add them to the sangria recipe so they can be caught under your teeth releasing a tart taste. You can make the sangria in advance and refrigerate it for an hour before serving it chilled.

Ciroc Love Potion

When you want your Valentine’s to be made special, bring out your bottle of Ciroc premium vodka and prepare a love potion that is as delicious as it is dramatic. Made from vodka, strawberry crush, pomegranate juice and raspberry liqueur, this is a fruity, sweet drink infused with a subtle tartness. You can also use a smoke gun with aromatic wood chips to craft a layered concoction.  

Ciroc And Strawberry Mojito

Put a vodka buzz on a classic mojito recipe by introducing it with a pour of Ciroc and some strawberry liqueur that will add fruity and tangy zings to the signature cocktail. Moreover, the flavours of mint and lime juice blended into the mojito recipe means that it will brim with highly fresh and rejuvenating flavours and when served chilled, the drink will acquire an elevated oomph which will make it a showstopper at any party.

Six Best Ciroc And Strawberry Cocktails For Spring Season

Ciroc And Strawberry Cream

Made using generous portions of whipped cream, Ciroc vodka and cut up strawberries, this is a luxe mix that is perfect when you want to indulge in a dense and decadent boozy cocktail. You can infuse the whipped cream with vanilla to elevate the flavours in the cocktail concoction. It is the perfect recipe to make when you want to serve a boozy dessert at an intimate dinner. The seductive qualities of the pink fruit also make it a most inviting treat for a day of love and romance.

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