The Ultimate Christmas Party Bar Checklist

Christmas party

Christmas is knocking. And if you are throwing the bash of the year, let's jazz up your bar with some festive flair! With a dash of the finest holiday spirit, here’s a quick and easy guide to make your Christmas bar as merry as Santa's workshop.

1. Selecting the right spirits

Kick off with the spirits. A smooth Johnnie Walker for those cosy chats next to the fireplace, some flavoured Smirnoff Vodka for the mixologists in the room and a bottle of Don Julio to accompany you into the long and starry night. Remember, it’s about variety, like the different ornaments on your tree!

2. Mixers, the unsung heroes

Stock up on tonic, soda and maybe some ginger beer for that spicy Christmas kick. Mixers have the potential to brighten your spirits and they can also cater to non-drinkers. Oh, and don’t forget the fruit juices. Cranberry and orange can turn any traditional drink into a bold and festive mix.

4 mixers

3. Garnishes: Deck the drinks with boughs of holly

Or lemons, limes, oranges or brandied cherries, for that matter. Add a spicy twist with cinnamon sticks, star anise, and, dare we suggest, a sprig of holly? Let your garnishes be as festive as the air—it's Christmas, after all!

4. Serve up cheer

You have heard from us before about cracking the code on glassware. Ensure you have a mix of glasses—martini for the elegant, tumblers for the casual. You can even spice it up with some Christmas-themed glasses, maybe ones that jingle or have little Santas printed all over. It's all about serving with style.

history of the English Christmas punch

5. Don’t forget the bar tools!

Every Santa needs elves and every bar needs its tools. A shaker, a strainer and a jigger are the unsung heroes that keep your cocktail game strong. Add to that a solid ice bucket, because nobody likes a lukewarm cocktail.

6. Non-alcoholic variants to double the joy

Include some fancy sodas and non-alcoholic spirits for those who prefer their Christmas cheer without alcohol. Inclusivity is the name of the game and everyone should get to toast!

7. Classic Christmas drinks

We love a good Cosmopolitan, but why not try a classic Eggnog or a warming mulled wine? These traditional drinks are like the Christmas-themed films of the bar world, timeless and heartwarming.

8. Setting the scene

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This is one of the most important parts of throwing any bash is getting the atmosphere right. Soft lighting, maybe some fairy lights and Christmas décor around the bar area, set the perfect festive vibe. You can have all the fancy drinks, but the experience is made memorable when everyone feels warm and fuzzy. So do try to plan out the theme of your decor in advance.

9. The Playlist: Jingles All the Way

A party is incomplete without a playlist. Make this a communal exercise and you have also figured out a nice way for guests to start a conversation with one another. Blend the classics with some modern holiday tunes to keep the mood upbeat and festive.

10. Mix, mingle, and make Merry

Christmas should be full of fun and cheer for hosts too. This list will help both avid planners and anxious beginners prepare a budget and manage timelines—finishing in style and already looking forward to the next big holiday. So, here’s to a Christmas bar that’s as jolly as St. Nick himself. Cheers and happy holidays!