Tools and Spirits to Build Your Dream Bar

How To Build A Home Bar

You may host a great house party with a well-stocked home bar and perfect your cocktail-making abilities. However, it may be costly to have a fully stocked bar. So, you can start a small collection and add to it over time. You can whip up any classic cocktail with just a few important items and devise a few concoctions. This article will be perfect for you to learn about essential tools and spirits.

Home Bar Essentials

Essential spirits for your next House Party

essential spirit
It’s easy to be confused about all the different liquors available. But, if you stock up on these staples, you will be all set to make the most common cocktails. 

Vodka is a really good cocktail ingredient because it’s tasteless. So, it can be used for many different purposes and can be found at various prices. The Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka is a great option if you are just starting. 


Different whiskies have varying characteristics and flavours. So, choose them based on your preference. As a bare minimum, it’s suggested you store 2 bottles. One of these staples can be Signature Premier Grain Whisky. Another whiskey you should carry is Bourbon. 

Liqueurs can be used to elevate any cocktail recipe. Their flavours will bring sweetness to your favourite drink. There is a liqueur for every taste imaginable, and a bottle often lasts for quite some time. Some of the fundamental liqueurs are Amaretto, Baileys, and Campari.

Essential tools

Essential Bar ToolsThese are the necessities that you would need to start a home bar. You can get more or better quality and more expensive tools as you get more experienced. 

Cocktail shaker

cocktail shaker
You must choose a good cocktail shaker that closes securely and doesn’t leak. The most popular shakers for a home bartender are a Boston shaker, which has 2 cups, and a Cobbler shaker, which has 3 pieces, including a built-in strainer.

Mixing glass and bar spoons
You need a good mixing glass to make a good cocktail. A sturdy glass with a pour spout will make stirring and pouring easy. Like Japanese mixing glass, a good quality mixing glass can make your home bar feel more sophisticated. Imagine if you were stirring your cocktail and spilling your Signature Premier Grain Whisky. This is why it’s good to have a long-handled bar spoon.

A strainer is just as important as a shaker. The best quality strainer is a Hawthorne strainer, while the more affordable option is a Julep strainer. These strainers will keep ice and little particles like mint from entering your final drink.
Now, it’s time to stock up your home bar with amazing liquors like Signature Premier Grain Whisky and Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka, along with the essential tools to make a cocktail yourself. These tools and drinks will make your experience as a home bartender feel much more professional. If you want to learn more about cocktails and their recipes, go to The Bar now!