Top Gin Mixers For Delicious Cocktail Recipes

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Gin is a versatile liquor that has been loved by many. It is for mixing delectable and refreshing cocktails. The key ingredient that goes into making gin is juniper berries. It’s also rich in a wide assortment of botanicals such as citrus, coriander, angelica, etc. The piney and herbaceous flavour of the gin has been appreciated, cherished and sought-after. Gin cocktails are perfect for any occasion - something as simple as a family get-together, spirited house parties, relaxed backyard BBQs, celebrations and cocktail parties. If you are a home bartender who wants to experiment and explore various gin cocktails, we have something that might interest you. To craft drinks like gin and tonic, gin rickey, gin fizz, martini, etc., you will need a good mixer that enhances flavours and aromas. That’s why we have compiled a list of top mixers that you can use in your gin cocktail recipes. Let’s get started!

Top Gin Mixers For Home Bartenders

1. Tonic Water

Tonic Water
It is a carbonated drink and contains quinine. It’s one of the most popular gin mixers used worldwide. The bitter taste of the tonic water mingles with the rich botanicals and juniper-forward flavours of the gin perfectly. It adds a hint of sweeteners, subtle bitterness and lots of fizz to your cocktail recipes!

Gin cocktails to try using tonic water: Gin and Tonic, Gin Rickey.

2. Club Soda

Club Soda
It’s another carbonated gin mixer that’s widely used. If you want to sip a drink where gin truly shines through and you can savour its delightful flavours, then club soda is the best choice. It doesn’t impart any sort of sweetness or bitterness to drinks. If you love mixing drinks at home, then this is a home bar essential that you cannot miss!

Gin cocktails to try using club soda: Tom Collins, Gin Fizz

3. Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices
Fresh fruit juices impart delicious flavours and captivating colours to your drinks. We recommend using fresh fruit juices as it can enhance the overall taste of the drinks. Experiment with different fruits that you can find. From seasonal fruits to those that are available all year round. The most popular fruit juice mixers are - grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, etc. Bitter lime juice, lemonade, or fresh lime juice can also be used as a mixer.

Gin cocktails to try using fruit juices or lemonades: Gimlet cocktail, Greyhound, Gin and Lemonade

4. Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is typically made using ginger, sugar and carbonated water. It’s spicy, zesty and fizzy. This gin mixer will impart rejuvenating flavour to your concoctions. You can craft your own ginger ale or get a store-bought one for your home bartending endeavours.

Gin cocktails to try using ginger ale: Gin Buck, Gin and Ginger Ale, 

5. Cordial

These are concentrated syrups. A cordial is made using sugar, water, acid and flavouring agents (for example - citrus, herbs, flowers, etc.). It’s a versatile gin mixer that you can use while making cocktails. It will bring in a burst of flavours, sweetness and some light refreshing notes to drinks. Popular cordials you can use for your mixology adventures are - lime cordial, elderflower cordial, rose cordial, etc.

Gin cocktails to try using cordial: Gimlet cocktail, Elderflower Collins

6. Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice
Savour, delicious and absolutely nutritious mixer for your gin cocktail recipes. If you are a fan of Bloody Mary - a popular vodka cocktail, then you know tomato juice is the key ingredient used in the recipe. Bloody Mary cocktails are versatile and have many variations and twists. One such twist is Red Snapper which replaces vodka with gin in the recipe. Adding tomato juice to your concoctions can help boost the herbal and earthy flavours of the gin. It will definitely create a hearty and scrumptious drink!

Gin cocktails to try using tomato juice: Red Snapper

7. Seltzer

It’s just another name for soda water or sparkling water. It’s a popular carbonated gin mixer used in many cocktail recipes. If we were to talk about the flavour profile of seltzer, it is quite similar to club soda sans any additives, minerals, salts or sugar. Because of its neutral flavour, seltzer pairs really well with gin.  If you have a home bar, you must stock up on this drink!

Gin cocktails to try using seltzer: Gin Smash, Gin Rickey (with Seltzer)

8. Vermouth

It’s a fortified wine that is flavoured with rich aromatic herbs and spices. Vermouth is typically produced in France or Italy. One of the most sophisticated gin mixers that you can have in your home bar. Vermouth comes in two different types - dry vermouth and sweet vermouth. While dry vermouth is bitter and pale, sweet vermouth has a red colour and is sweet in flavour. Vermouth as a mixer adds depth and complexity to the drink. It’s a must-have ingredient if you are a fan of martinis.

Gin cocktails to try using tomato juice: Martini, Vesper, Martinez

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