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Try Sangria Soaked Fruit Kabobs with Honey Lime Dip For Your Next Party

Fruit Kabobs

When the sun decides to stick around a bit longer and the evenings are long and inviting, it's the perfect cue to throw a little backyard bash. While mojitos and mimosas might be crowd favourites at such events, at this do, let’s dazzle guests with some Sangria Soaked Fruit Kabobs served with a tangy Honey Lime Dip. Easy on the eyes and ridiculously delicious, this party trick combines the goodness of fruit with the fun of sangria.

Creating the Sangria Soak

Start by soaking some juicy fruits in a sangria concoction that’ll turn them from fresh to fabulous. Grab your favourite fruits: strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and peaches, for a good mix of texture and taste. Now, here’s where the magic happens: whip up a quick sangria to let these fruits party in.

sangria fruit bath

Mix together

  • A bottle of 750 ml of a vibrant Spanish-style red wine
  • 200 ml of orange liqueur for a bit of citrusy zing
  • A big splash of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • A teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the deal
  • Stir it all up until the sugar dissolves, then pour it over your chopped fruits in a large bowl. Let them soak for about an hour in the fridge—just enough time to get them tipsy without turning them mushy.

Skewering the Scene

Once your fruits have had their sangria bath, it’s time to thread them onto skewers. Alternate the fruits to get a mixed bag of colours and flavours on each stick. These kabobs are tasty and total eye candy.

honey lime yogurt dip

Honey Lime Dip

No kabob is complete without a killer dip to accompany it. For a refreshing twist, combine:

  • 100 ml of Greek yoghurt (for that creamy base)
  • 20 ml of honey (for sweetness)
  • The juice of one lime (for a citrus kick)
  • A sprinkle of lime zest (for an extra tang)
  • Whisk it all together until smooth. You have a creamy dip that’s got just enough tang to accompany the wine-soaked fruits.

fruit kabobs

Serving Up

To serve, place your fruit kabobs on a platter with a bowl of the Honey Lime Dip on the side. Garnish with a few mint leaves or edible flowers to dial up the 'wow' factor. These Sangria Soaked Fruit Kabobs are not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes.

This dish is the epitome of summer: it’s light, fruity, and leaves you with a pleasant buzz, enough to last all summer long.

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