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Valentine’s Day Cocktails And Culinary Pairings For An Intimate Dinner Date

Valentine’s Day Cocktails And Culinary Pairings For An Intimate Dinner Date

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which means it is once again time to dig deep and find our romantic bone to curate lovely presents and intimate dinners that celebrate lasting love and friendship on this special day. This is the time to get together with loved ones over delicious meals and indulgent drinks and enjoy a pleasing evening. You can craft food and drink menus that are a tad bit more than just appealing for such evenings to actually put a bit of a sensuous and seductive spin on your dinner table.

These culinary pairings are a delight to prepare and when you are home hosting, you can actually venture into the kitchen with your partner and engage in some fun cooking activities together to curate a Valentine’s dinner. And if you are hosting an intimate group of friends for Valentine’s, you can cook a spread that is elegant but sumptuous, coupled with wine and cocktail pairings that are full of the romantic vibes associated with this day.  

Read on below for some gastronomic inspirations paired with spirited delights that would make your Valentine’s Day a special one:

Champagne And Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is as basic as it gets. Cover fresh, crispy strawberries in dark melted chocolate and place them in the refrigerator to freeze. This delicious bite is a powerful aphrodisiac and thoroughly seductive, perfect for an intimate Valentine’s dinner. You can pair a bowlful of this sweet treat with a couple of glasses of sparkling bubbly and toast to your enduring relationship or a new, blooming romance for a romantic finish to your evening. Alternatively, you can pair strawberries with a glass of Baileys Original Irish Cream-infused cocktails for a more decadent experience.

Valentine’s Day Cocktails And Culinary Pairings For An Intimate Dinner Date

Red Wine And Charcuterie 

One of the most elegant ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to lay out a charcuterie board and serve it with some delicious reds like a merlot, cabernet sauvignon or a syrah. The aged cheddars and creamy bries atop this gourmet delight coupled with prosciutto, salami and other cured meats pair splendidly with the nutty, intense grapes introducing a pleasant mouthfeel. Red wine and charcuterie is perfect for a romantic night in or a Valentine’s dinner with intimate friends.

Elderflower Martini And Lobster Risotto

A luxurious dish to splurge on this time of the year is the lobster risotto full of the creamy goodness of the crustacean that can be paired with all the floral elegance of an elderflower martini. The boozy kick of a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka coupled with the dense textures of the risotto would make for a very indulgent dinner that can be enjoyed in the glow of some scented candles, at a table adorned with rose bouquets.

Singleton Plus Two And Coq Au Vin 

A classic French dish, coq au vin brings together chicken in an indulgent sauce prepared from a red wine reduction that can be served with roasted carrots and herbs. You can craft this traditional recipe and pair it with a rather modern Singleton Plus Two concoction that brings together a quality single malt with one still and one sparkling mixer. The fusion of a modern cocktail with a classic dish would work perfectly at an intimate Valentine’s gathering at home.

Valentine’s Day Cocktails And Culinary Pairings For An Intimate Dinner Date

Rosé And Mezze Platter

When you decide to go all out and celebrate this day of romance and friendship by throwing a big party, you can churn out mezze platters filled to the brim with hummus, pita, fruits, cheeses, tabbouleh and other treats. Pair this sumptuous platter with a sweet, delicate rosé that would go well with the myriad flavours that make up the mezze platter.  

G&T And Chocolate Cream Pie

If you want to celebrate ‘galentines’ or a ‘boys night’ when the pressure to have a Valentine’s date becomes a tad bit much, you can just make an indulgent chocolate cream pie and pair it with a classic gin and tonic to be savoured with your closest friends. Use a lemon twist garnish so you can add a tangy, zesty element to the drink that would blend well with the silky, luxurious texture of the decadent dessert.