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Valentine's Day Decor Hacks To Transform Your Romantic Space

valentine's day decor

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spend quality time with your significant other. That comes with making the occasion special by decorating your space. It doesn't matter how large or small your space is. These ideas will help you make the most of your home. All you need are simple items such as balloons, lights etc. You can also make DIY decoration items such as a garland of paper hearts strung on a long twine. Get inspired and decorate with easy-to-do items at your home.

Hang Mood Lights

Mood lights create the perfect ambience for a romantic date night. Hang mood lights and spend time together watching films or dancing, and finally dining. You can also be creative with these lights. Instead of walls, you can also hang them over curtains or any corner that is special to both of you.

Make a Photo Backdrop

You can zero in on several photos. Bonus:  There are many themes you can check online to create this backdrop. Add more elements such as ribbons, balloons and other decorative items.

v day decor ideas


Get luxury chocolates with exotic flavours. You can also up the fun level of your night with booze-filled chocolates. Dark chocolates are super-romantic and considered to be aphrodisiacs.

Place a variety of chocolates around the house and also hide some in secret places. You can ask your partner to find them and have a fun game feeding each other delicious candies.

Incorporate Some Pink

It's Valentine's Day, you gotta have some pink in your decor, even if you are Goth! In fact, black and pink make for a smashing combination. Get a poster about love and hang it on your favourite wall or set up several pink balloons in a cosy corner. Get creative and go wild with pink!

Dress Up Mason Jars

Mason jars are an evergreen, all-purpose decorative container. Use spare mason jars and use ribbons, stickers, sparkles, and paint to give it a refreshing look that celebrates love.

Decorative Candles

Candles are an unmissable part of romantic settings. Light up your room with candles. You can also choose decorative candles which have hearts and flowers stuck on their sides. 

Make Art

Create a mural on the theme of love on a section of your wall. Or use a wallpaper with hearts which is a perfect addition of design in your room.

v day decor ideas

Use Flowers

Reuse spare glass bottles and other containers and fill them with beautiful, fragrant flowers. They will add a splash of colour to your space and make it inviting. 

Hang A Wreath

Create a wreath with Valentine's Day decorations. You will need a large metal ring, faux flowers, wood slices, ribbons etc. Fasten the decorative items on the ring and attach the wreath where you can proudly display it.

Leave Handwritten Notes

Write sweet nothings on pieces of paper and put them in envelopes. Place them in places where your significant other is likely to find them. Enjoy seeing your partner discover romantic notes all around the house on V-Day.

Make Your Own Game

Make your own personalised game. Choose simple games such as tic-tac-toe, bingo or any other easy alternative. You can create game pieces using pins, buttons and various easy-to-find items. Craft your special Valentine's Day game to celebrate the occasion.

v day decor ideas

Make A DIY Table Runner

Decorate your dining table by making a DIY table runner. Use a fabric and paint or embroider with beautiful designs which signify love and romance. Do not use paper as it will be too delicate. 

Bake Something Sweet

Make sugary treats for your beloved. You can opt for simple items such as heart-shaped cookies with red sprinkles or pink icing, or go big and create a two-tiered cake if you are good at baking! 

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