Virgin Mary Mocktail Recipe You Need To Try Now

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Do you love Bloody Mary cocktails? Interested in an alcohol-free version? Or maybe you are looking for a delicious brunch mocktail without any alcoholic buzz? Whatever may be the case, the Virgin Mary mocktail is a must-try for you! This scrumptious mocktail is perfect for any occasion. From brunch parties to get-togethers, this flavoursome drink will not disappoint. Are you interested in knowing more about how you craft this delectable drink in simple steps and try a few twists? Well, we have just what you need! Let’s get started!

Virgin Mary Mocktail Recipe & Variations

Classic Virgin Mary Mocktail Recipe

Classic Virgin Mary Mocktail
Bloody Mary cocktail is a classic drink that is enjoyed at brunch parties worldwide. But if you want to cut down on alcohol or looking for an alcohol-free version altogether, then the Virgin Mary Mocktail is perfect for you! It packs refreshing and spicy flavours just like its counterpart but without any buzz. Sip it as much as you like, this drink will surely leave your senses thrilled. The delicious combination of tomato juice, fresh lemon, hot sauces, and spices creates an indulgent drink that is the perfect brunch mocktail to kickstart your day! Here’s a simple mocktail recipe for you:

- Tomato Juice - 90ml
- Fresh Lemon Juice - 15ml
- Tabasco Sauce - 2 dashes
- Worcestershire Sauce - 1 dash
- Celery Salt - 1 teaspoon
- Celery Stalk - 1
- Ground Black Pepper
- Pickled Veggies 
- Ice

- Grab a highball glass and fill it with ice
- Measure and pour fresh tomato juice and lemon juice into the glass over the ice
- Using a bar spoon, stir the ingredients to combine
- Next, add the sauces and spices - Tabasco, Worcestershire, salt and pepper. 
- Stir again to combine. 
- Garnish with pickled veggies, olives and a celery stalk.

Here are a few twists to the Virgin Mary mocktail that you can try:

Here are a few twists to the Virgin Mary mocktail
The Virgin Mary mocktail is a delicious drink that is perfect for any occasion. Especially brunch parties. If you are a home bartender, a foodie or someone who simply loves mixing delectable drinks at home, you have to try these delicious variations. This buzz-free mocktail will definitely tease the senses and impress any crowd! Here are a few simple variations for you:

1. Spicy Virgin Mary Mocktail Recipe

Spicy Virgin Mary Mocktail
Want to add a spicy twist to the Virgin Mary Mocktail recipe? Add some cayenne pepper, and jalapenos, and increase the levels of the hot sauces in the recipe. It will surely add an extra kick of flavour.

2. Virgin Mary Cooler Recipe

Virgin Mary Cooler
Experiment with flavours by adding cucumber juice, and mint leaves, to the mocktail recipe and turn it into a refreshing cooler!

3. Virgin Maria Mocktail Recipe

Virgin Maria Mocktail
Swap tomato juice with carrot juice or orange juice, and increase the hot sauce levels. This will create an indulgent drink that will surely make you reach for seconds in no time!

4. Green Mary Mocktail Recipe

Green Mary Mocktail
Replace tomato juice with kale juice and give this mocktail a healthy spin! Add some cumin to the recipe and you will have a stunning green mocktail to savour.

For anyone looking for a delicious and indulgent brunch mocktail, the Virgin Mary mocktail is an impeccable choice! It’s easy to make and taste amazing. So, grab your bar tools and start mixing this drink now.

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