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Vodka And Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms: An Elegant Start To A Cocktail Evening

mushrooms with vodka

Planning an elegant cocktail evening with drinks served in posh glassware and foods prepared using the best of ingredients requires some serious planning. What you need at such gatherings are small bites or amuse bouches that go well with your elegant theme without compromising on taste. These starters have to then be packed with lots of textural and flavourful elements even as they look dainty and delicate and all the while, they must pair splendidly with the taste profiles of the cocktails you will be offering your guests. 

A small bite that emerges as a winner fitting all these categories is vodka and cheese stuffed mushrooms that are subtly flavoured yet full of very inviting tasting notes. The tradition of adding spirits to culinary delights is an old one. Wine and port are often used in the making of chicken or lamb to bring into meats and even certain seafoods a sweet, fruity and earthy taste and quite some depth. A translucent spirit with a very versatile body, vodka performs a similar function of accentuating the flavour of a dish but is also significant because it manages to highlight most of the ingredients used to infuse this taste into the preparation.

cheese in stuffed mushrooms

Adding Vodka And Cheese To Mushrooms

When you are preparing stuffed button mushrooms, you can infuse them with a dash of vodka to introduce into the starter all these delectable textural aspects the spirit brings into culinary delicacies. One way to add mushrooms to vodka is to introduce the flavours of the liquor into the stuffing. Traditionally, a stuffed mushroom stuffing is prepared by bringing together chopped onions or shallots with garlic and breadcrumbs and tossing this on a pan with seasonings like pepper and garlic salt. 

Add the vodka while this mixture is being sauteed on the flame so the spirit reacts with the heat emanating from the pan to give the stuffing a lightly caramel-like touch with just the right amount of bitter and citrus notes. The vodka infusion also gives the dish a smooth finish which plays into the overall theme of coming up with an amuse bouche that oozes elegance and sophistication.

Pairing vodka and cheese is a rather classic match because the clear spirit mingles with melted cheese to create a very indulgent flavour. So, when determining the cheese for stuffed mushrooms, go the classic route and opt for a quality parmesan that can be grated and added to the pan containing the stuffing. Alternatively, you can first pack the hollowed out mushrooms with the stuffing and then top it up with grated cheese so it melts when the little bites are put in the oven to bake.

using mushrooms with vodka

To prepare a cheesier and creamier offering, you can also mix two cheese varieties like parmesan and cream cheese in a large bowl. Next, season this with some pepper and parsley for elevating its flavours and then lather the top of the mushrooms with the luxe blend. Allow the cheese to melt in the oven until it acquires a golden brown hue. Bring the mushrooms out and let them cool a bit on a rack before plating them in round dishes, with a garnish of chopped parsley.

The earthiness of the mushrooms coupled with the salty and creamy notes of cheese and the bitter and peppery notes of quality vodka will make this dish come together in an elegant mix that can be popped directly into your mouth in one bite. Such a dish pairs well with a lot of different freshly flavoured cocktails like mojitos, margaritas and negronis so some of their minty and sharply citrusy notes undercut the umami qualities of the starter.

Stuffed mushrooms infused with the flavours of vodka and cheese thus are quite exquisite starters and can be easily prepared in large quantities when you are hosting an elegant cocktail party. You can turn stuffing mushrooms into a fun DIY activity for your closest friends who head over to your place ahead of time to help you set up your home for the evening. Another pro tip for home hosting would be to craft a delightful vodka martini for your happy helpers so they can enjoy a tipple even before the actual festivities begin!

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