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Want Goosebumps Served With Your Drink? Here Are Six Haunted Pubs And Bars

haunted bars in the world

If you walked into a bar and felt a gust of cold wind that made the hair on your back rise, it is probably something more than air conditioning. Some patrons walk into bars never to leave, others establish their presence following some incident or another. Either ways, they all become permanent fixtures and make themselves known to a new customer! Haunted bars and pubs abound across the world and if you believe in ghosts, you might actually get a kick out of visiting these places and spot an otherworldly being.

Those versed with occult sciences would tell you that these patrons have stuck around for multiple reasons. It could be that they faced a quick, violent death and never realised they have left the mortal world, or it could be that they experience a very strong attachment to the spot and never want to leave. So, they stick around and sometimes will make an appearance when you least expect it!

Read on below to know more about some of the haunted bars in the world that have become quite popular for these otherworldly customers they seem to host:

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, England

This pub has been around for nearly six centuries and is known to have hosted thousands of travellers passing across town. And the inn seems to offer quite a pleasing hospitality because some of those who arrived here have settled down! The inn would cater to a gang of tea smugglers who would often nail people alive at the front door if they were found saying anything bad about the gang. Some of these disgruntled spirits never left.

haunted pubs

Shaker’s Cigar Bar, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The bar opened in 1894 and undoubtedly has many stories to tell. Ouija boards are banned here lest they excite the spirits in residence. The bar hosts a woman who disappeared from here never to be found. Some believe she has stuck around, as has the spirit of a woman who fell from an apple tree and broke her neck. This woman was picking apples in the cemetery that Shaker’s was built upon.

The Gravediggers, Dublin, Ireland

This bar opened up next to a cemetery and the pub owner would often pass a pint or two of beer to the gravediggers beyond the wall. Customers who walk in here today seem to run into these hard working men dressed in tweed, finishing a pint before fading away into the dark. Given its proximity to the cemetery, the pub also remained a favoured spot for mourners to drop in and have a drink before heading home.

Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina, Canada

The pub opened at the start of the 20th century and in just over a decade, Regina was hit by a turbulent tornado which led to the loss of many lives, deaths that occurred at the spot where Bushwakker now stands. Psychic mediums have witnessed the presence of many ghosts in this place which also includes that of Strathdee, a warehouse manager who killed himself but never really left.

ghosts in pubs

The Hero Of Waterloo, Sydney, Australia

This pub named after the Duke of Wellington who led his troops against Napoleon has a rather dark history. It was run by a man who was sent to Australia most likely for being an Irish rebel. And the story goes that many who walked into this pub were never seen or heard from again! Sailors were reported drugged and then were smuggled and sold into slavery. As well, the owner’s wife supposedly fell down from the stairs and broke her neck. Fond of the piano, it is said that sometimes you can hear music playing and furniture moved around. A spirited classical music concert indeed!

The Ship And Shovel, London, England

The pub located near Charing Cross spans two buildings and is known to have a long and macabre past. Many believe that a smuggler named Dutch Sam was murdered and buried within the pub. This disheartened soul never seems to have left and patrons can still feel a haunting presence in the space whenever they sit down here to grab a pint.