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Westeros-Themed Gifts For The Mixology Enthusiast In Your Life

Game of Thrones inspired Christmas gifts

You can probably feel it in the air. Your nose feels colder than usual, the hair on your arms is probably standing up and your skin is prickled… Winter is coming. It hasn’t fully arrived across the tropics, but as far as everyone else is concerned, it’s pretty much here! This also means the festive and gifting season is in full swing and you’re probably going to need to be creative with what you present, pun intended, your loved ones with. 

Lucky for you, if your loved ones are Game Of Thrones fans, there is amazing merchandise that makes for great collectibles. HBO has been kind enough to revamp the GoTfever with House Of The Dragon. So, here are a couple of collectable barware and accessories that will make your cocktail enthusiast giftees feel like they’re in Westeros!

House Sigil Glassware 

You can elevate the experience by gifting your loved ones shot glasses with the House sigils on them. There are a lot of designs available online with beautifully carved sigils that will enable you to force your legions to your preferred houses (please do not fight over the House of Stark, there’s only one glass per sigil). These will add a lovely touch to the barware. 

Map of Westeros Coasters 

All men must use coasters. An underappreciated but necessary accessory, like season eight’s Jon Snow, they protect surfaces from water stains and make you appear to be a proper adult. Bonus: these coasters are fun to look at and a nifty collectible. 

GOT Swords Inspired Stirrers and Muddlers 

Wouldn’t it be fun to stir your cocktails with the sword of The House of Starks? The answer can only be yes. Haters can look the other way, You can also find Needle-inspired (smallsword wielded by Arya Stark) sustainable toothpicks to pierce the olives and fruits in your martinis and cosmos. These will be a very unique addition to the barware. 

The Iron Throne Cocktail Shaker 

Now we’re talking! This meticulously crafted cocktail shaker is readily available online and is a bestseller so be quick to place your orders as they sell out extremely fast because everyone wants the Iron Throne… if you know, you know. This cocktail shaker won’t let your giftee rule THE seven kingdoms, but it will enable them to make more than seven delectable cocktails and rule the mixology world for sure! 

Cersei’s Wine Goblet 

Now, this is a replica of the elegant and chic goblet that Cersei drinks her wine from after she’s crowned the Queen and begins her reign of terror. Your giftee will definitely look forward to raising a toast with these goblets! 

Game of Thrones-Inspired Viking Mugs 

These are perfect for drinking beer, and look as medieval and fantastic as the era they’re based on. They’re intricately designed and look exactly like the ones from the show. Your giftee will love them and you in return for this thoughtful gift! 

Hand of the Kind Bottle opener 

This bottle opener can be adorned as an accessory and pinned to one’s chest and then retrieved every time someone needs their beer to be opened. It also functions as a fridge magnet. Could there BE a better gift?