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Which Tanqueray Makes The Best Gift For The Gin Lover In Your Life?

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It's officially the time for revelry, time to meet your beloved friends and family and treat them with gifts. When it comes to gifting, it is always good to present an item (or items) that have a personal touch. And if you have gin lovers in your close circle, then we know just the right thing to buy them.

Tanqueray gins are the way to go when you want to gift the spirit to a gin lover. They are one of the most popular spirits in the world. Tanqueray's spirits are smooth, strong and crisp, with juniper as the primary note. They have a bright and clear appearance displaying their purity. Different Tanqueray spirits have different botanicals and the process of making them also varies. Their versatility makes them the perfect drink for any event or occasion.

Below are some of the Tanqueray gins that make for the perfect gift this festive season.

Tanqueray No Ten

This highly acclaimed spirit is a winner of over 40 international awards! This gin was created after Tanqueray's distillers' years of experimentation. Every batch of Tanqueray No Ten is still hand-batched by a Master Distiller, making it almost an artisanal spirit. It is also the only gin made using fresh fruits.  This gin uses all of the citrus fruit in the production process, rather than just the citrus peel. It is this citrus heart that is distilled in Tiny Ten, which is a small pot still from the 1950. The gin is named after this special still, which is used for this distinctive process. Tanqueray No Ten also happens to be the first ever super-premium gin launched in 2000. The receiver will be delighted with this gin that’s made with utmost care and precision, using vintage processes. Gift this to those who have an elegant taste and like fruity and floral notes in their liquor.

Tanqueray Malacca

Tanqueray distillers made this unique blend of spiced gin using the recipe from Charles Tanqueray's notebook. The recipe was created by Tanqueray in 1839 using botanicals from Malaysia. This spirit has less juniper flavour compared to classic Tanqueray gins. Though this spirit was launched as a limited edition in 1997, its popularity among bartenders led the company to permanently bring it back in 2018. Infused with peppercorns, rose petals, cloves and cardamom, the gin is a perfect base for mixologists to create delicious cocktails. Its complex flavours fuel the imagination while its spicy finish gives an exotic yet delightful appeal. To state the obvious here, gift this to anyone who likes spicy, exotic flavours and enjoys mixing drinks at home!

tanqueray gins

Tanqueray Rangpur

This zesty gin is a recipient of San Francisco Spirits Awards 2020, bagging a gold medal for its fine composition. It is named after the Rangpur lime found in India which provides the gin with the zestiness of lime and the juiciness of mandarin orange. Its recipe is a famously kept British-Indian secret. Despite the strong citrus ingredients, this gin is juniper-forward in flavour as per the Tanqueray brand gin. It is made using a base of juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice, and distilled one time each for each of the botanicals. The rare Rangpur limes along with ginger bay leaves are added later. Gift this to your loved ones who like gins packed with a punch of flavour!

Tanqueray 0.0%

This drink is the perfect gift for people who love gin but are trying to opt for a healthier lifestyle. It is also a great gift for anyone who is a teetotaler but would like to experience the taste of gin. Tanqueray 0.0% has four botanicals and zero alcohol! It has a juniper-led profile with citrusy character making it a perfect non-alcoholic gin-flavoured spirit. It can be used to make a diverse set of non-alcoholic drinks with the flavours of gin.

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