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Whisky Sour Supremacy: Cracking the Code on Egg White-Centric Cocktails

Whisky Sour

Whoever said egg whites were just for meringues hadn’t enjoyed the creamy delight of a well-made Whisky Sour. This cocktail is a testament to the wonders that a simple egg can work on spirits and citrus, making a classic into a creamy cocktail that slides down the palate with a satisfying sigh.

Unpacking the Whisky Sour

A traditional Whisky Sour takes whisky, lemon, and sweetener and shakes them up into something that dances between sweet and sour, with a kick from the whisky. But when you add egg white, it turns into a drink with a velvety froth that makes each sip a rich experience. Let’s break down how to whip up this frothy wonder at home.

Egg white.

Crafting Your Cocktail

To start your Whisky Sour, grab a cocktail shaker and pop in one fresh egg white. This first step—known as the dry shake—gets the egg white all frothy without any interference from ice.

After you’ve given that a good shake until it feels frothy, it’s time to add the other ingredients: pour in 60 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label for its deep, smoky undertones that beautifully counterbalance the zing of 25 ml of fresh lemon juice, and balance everything out with 15 ml of simple syrup.

These quantities are perfect for one serving, ensuring each flavour component gets its chance to shine without overpowering the others.

Now, toss a handful of ice into the shaker. This is the defining moment. Shake it vigorously again. The ice cools everything down and gives your drink that silky smooth consistency that makes the Whisky Sour such a beloved cocktail. Once you’re confident you’ve shaken it enough, strain the mixture into a chilled old-fashioned glass. If you’re a purist, you might want to double strain it to catch any remaining ice chips or egg remnants.

Whisky sour

Finishing Touches

No Whisky Sour is complete without a bit of garnish. You could go the traditional route with a slice of orange and a cherry, or keep it simple with a twist of lemon to enhance the drink’s citrusy notes.

Why the Whisky Sour?

The beauty of the Whisky Sour lies in its simplicity and the balance of flavours. The egg white softens the roughness of the lemon and enhances the whisky’s feel. It’s a cocktail that begs to be enjoyed slowly and savoured as the different elements play off each other.

Whisky sour infused with tea.

Mixing It Up

Once you’ve mastered the basic Whisky Sour, the real fun begins. You can start experimenting with different types of syrup or adding a dash of bitters for complexity. The cocktail world is your oyster, and the Whisky Sour is a brilliant base from which to start exploring.

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