5 Gin Aperitif Cocktails To Try At Home

Gin Aperitif Cocktail

Ah, the aperitif – that drink before dinner that has become a bit of a tradition in my household. Aperitifs with their origins in Europe have this way of tantalizing our taste buds and sparking conversations. There is nothing as captivating as a well-crafted drink to kick off the evening on the right note.

Why London Dry Gin is My Choice

Now when it comes to aperitifs I have a fondness for London Dry Gin. There's something about its intricate character that truly stimulates conversation. It's the juniper flavour combined with those citrus notes that pairs exquisitely with almost any complement.

Gin Aperitif Cocktails:

1. The Classic Gin & Tonic - Timelessly Elegant

Ah, the timeless classic – the Gin & Tonic! It never fails to impress does it? The way the gins crispness gracefully dances with the tonics bitterness is simply marvellous. Perfectly suited, for easing into an evening.

Classic Gin and Tonic


Take 50 ml of Tanqueray London Dry Gin and add 150 ml of tonic water over a glass filled with ice. For the finishing touch garnish, with a slice of lime. It's an incredibly elegant drink.

2. The Gin Martini - Ultimate Sophistication

When it comes to hosting a soirée nothing quite matches the charm of a Gin Martini. It exudes cleanliness and sharpness making it the ideal choice as an appetizer for a dinner.


I prefer to stir 50 ml of Gordon’s London Dry gin with 10 ml of vermouth over ice. Once perfectly mixed, strain it into a chilled glass. Garnish it with either an olive or a twist of lemon. Truly divine!

3. The Negroni - Bold and Exquisite

There's something undeniably captivating about the allure of a Negroni. The harmonious interplay between its sweet notes with gin as its backbone always sets the stage for a dining experience.



To create this classic cocktail simply mix equal parts Tanqueray gin, sweet vermouth and Campari in a stirring glass filled with ice. Stir gently until perfectly blended and serve with a twist of orange.

4. French 75 - A Bubbly Delight


This particular cocktail is, like celebrating joy in every sip. The combination of botanicals, in gin along with the effervescence of champagne is the thing to uplift your spirits.

French 75

Shake 30 ml of Gordons gin with 15 ml lemon juice and 15 ml syrup then pour it into a flute glass. Top it off with champagne. Give it a stir. Voila you have a concoction!

5. The Elderflower Gin Fizz - Spring in a Glass

This drink feels like a breeze on a spring day. The floral notes of elderflower combined with the crispness of gin make it incredibly refreshing.


Elderflower Gin Fizz


To make this drink shake 40 ml of Tanqueray London Dry gin with elderflower. Pour it over ice. Top it off with soda. Finally add a twist of lemon for that touch of bliss.

When it comes to aperitifs, gin truly shines on its own doesn't it? With its blend of botanicals it takes stage in many pre dinner creations. Whether you prefer the timeless charm of a G&T or the zestiness of an Elderflower Gin Fizz, London Dry Gin – brands, like Tanqueray and Gordons – will transport you to an enchanting evening. So why not try one of these recipes time you're hosting or simply craving some dinner sophistication? Your taste buds will appreciate the experience.

Always drink responsibly. Only serve it to those who are of legal drinking age.

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