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5 Cocktails That Every Screwdriver Fan Will Enjoy

By: Shireen Jamooji

screwdriver cocktail

When it comes to cocktails, sometimes there’s just no beating the classics. Certain pairings are destined to work in harmony and these are the ones that invariably become classics that are loved over decades. Among the simpler but more timeless additions to this category is the Screwdriver. A vodka cocktail that combines the smooth spirit with the bright citrus flavours of orange juice, simple, but irreplaceable. 

The History Of The Screwdriver Cocktail

With just two main ingredients, it seems strange that The Screwdriver even has an origin story, but as with all good cocktails, it still needed one ingenious mind to bring this creation to life or in this case, several minds. There are debated histories when it comes to The Screwdriver but most people are in consensus that it’s an American creation. Some say that it was invented during World War II when rations were tight and innovation was necessary if you wanted a cocktail. Some credit American airmen and some the US Marines while a completely separate story says it was from American oil rig workers in the Persian Gulf. They would secretly pour some vodka into their flasks of juice and stir it up with a screwdriver, giving it its unique name. But whichever way you cut it, an American seems to be at the root of its invention which is probably why it made its way stateside and became the iconic bar offering it is today. 

But even if the simplicity of the screwdriver is your go-to tipple, there are some other cocktails you can try to mix things up. 

5 Cocktails To Try If You Love Screwdrivers

tequila sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

Named after the striking ombre colours of red and orange The Tequila Sunrise is a vibrant drink with a hint of sweetness. The combination of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine creates a visually appealing gradient in the glass. The tequila provides a robust base, while the orange juice adds a refreshing citrus twist. The final pour of grenadine sinks slowly to the bottom of the drink making it as visually pleasing as it is delicious.

fuzzy navel cocktail

Fuzzy Navel

Though the name may not be hugely appealing, this cocktail actually has a lot of staunch fans. A delightful blend of peach schnapps and orange juice it becomes a sweet and fruity mix where the almost floral notes of peach contrast with the citrus of the orange juice.  



The brunch staple that packs more of a punch than it lets on, this cocktail combines equal parts of champagne and chilled citrus juice, usually orange for a light and bubbly beverage experience. The effervescence of champagne melds seamlessly with the citrusy brightness, creating a crisp flavour for celebratory occasions or leisurely mornings.

orange margarita

Orange Margarita

Margaritas need no introduction to a cocktail drinker but with a citrusy twist on the classic, this features the zing of fresh orange juice alongside tequila and triple sec. The result is a balanced blend of sweet and tart, offering a refreshing alternative to the traditional lime-based margarita.

madras cocktail


In search of a cocktail that’s uncomplicated and ready in minutes, this is for you! With a mix of vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice it’s perfect for people who want something a little more adventurous than a Screwdriver, but still want to stick with a drink that celebrates tart flavours. 

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