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5 Creative Cocktails That Fans Of The Whisky Sour Should Try

By: Shreya Goswami

Whisky Sour Cocktail

Can the simple combination of whisky, lemon juice, syrup and ice create a timeless classic cocktail revered by people the world over? Yes, it can, and the Whisky Sour proves it. Born in the mid-nineteenth century, the Whisky Sour was born, legend says, as a cocncoction used by sailors to prevent scurvy by drinking up plenty of lemon juice infused with whisky to help it go down better. From there to every bar worth its name, the Whisky Sour is found in cocktail menus everywhere. 

The appeal that Whisky Sour has can be easily attributed to the fact that it is simple yet perfectly balanced as a drink. The robust smoothness of whisky combines with the acidity of fresh lemon juice and the sweetness of syrup to create a symphony of flavours. And if you enjoy the well-balanced cocktail that is the Whisky Sour, here’s some more good news. Apart from relishing Whisky Sours, you can also whip up other whisky-based cocktails that also highlight a similar balanced profile of flavours. 

So, here are some whisky-based cocktails that those who love Whisky Sour will enjoy just as much. 

Whisky sour 1

New York Sour 

Visually captivating because of the layers of colours it has, the New York Sour is the East Coast city’s take on the traditional Whisky Sour. The innovation New Yorkers added to this one is quite simple: Instead of adding egg whites to create that frothy texture and taste in a classic Whisky Sour, the New York Sour adds a float of red wine at the top. This simple addition adds both colour and a new flavour dimension to the cocktail, while the fruitiness of whisky and wine combine to enhance sweet, tart and deep notes. You will need 60ml whisky, 30ml lemon juice, 22.5ml simple syrup and some red wine to make the float on top of this cocktail. 

Whisky Smash 

A refreshing cocktail born in the USA in the nineteenth century, the Whisky Smash is a delicious drink that blends the warmth of whisky with citrus and mint. The Whisky Smash was created at a time when whisky-based cocktails were going through a revival period in America, so to call this one a classic wouldn’t be wrong. You will need 60ml whisky, fresh mint leaves and lemon wedges to be muddled together properly, then add and stir in some simple syrup to make the perfect Whisky Smash. Garnish this one with a sprig of mint to add to the herbaceous notes even more. 

Whisky sour 2

The Presbyterian 

Lesser known but quite delicious as a cocktail, the Presbyterian is a whisky-based cocktail that is believed to have originated with the churchgoing Presbyterian Scots who enjoyed refreshing alcoholic beverages—yes of course that means some Scotch whisky—after their Sunday service. So, the Presbyterian cocktail itself is made with Scotch whisky, ginger ale, soda water stirred with some ice. The ratios are equal, which means you will need 60ml each of Scotch, ginger ale and soda to make this one. While Scotch whisky like Johnnie Walker is preferred for this one, you can also use other whiskies Royal Challenge or Antiquity Blue to make this cocktail. 

Mint Julep 

Steeped in South American traditions, the Mint Julep is a cocktail that reportedly gained prominence in the eighteenth century as a medicinal concoction that swiftly turned into a drink to be enjoyed at leisure. Created with a blend of bourbon, fresh mint leaves, sugar and crushed ice, this cocktail is herby, refreshing and aromatic. You need to muddle the mint and sugar together, then add 60ml bourbon and crushed ice, stir it and serve with a mint sprig to get an authentic taste of this cocktail.

Whisky Sour 3

Lynchburg Lemonade 

Born in the 1980s in Lynchburg, Tennessee, the city known for creating its own popular whisky , this cocktail is vibrant, tangy, slightly sweet and perfect for Whisky Sour lovers. Made with whisky, triple sec, lemon juice and simple sugar syrup, the Lynchburg Lemonade is usually poured over ice before serving. You basically need to stir 45ml whicky with 15ml triple sec, 30ml lemon juice, 15ml syrup and add some lemon soda on top to make this classic cocktail from America. Add a lemon wheel for garnish to enhance the citrusy flavour further. 

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