5 Delicious Rum Cocktails To Make At Home

5 Delicious Rum Cocktails to Make at Home

Are you looking to break free from your old, boring routine? Are you craving something that would entice your taste buds? Then you have landed yourself in the right place! Either to celebrate any special occasion or just take a break from your daily schedule, Rum cocktails, with their varied flavours and ingredients, are sure to please your taste buds.
So, let’s get you to stir things up and surprise your pals with these exciting, easy-to-make Rum Cocktails that will leave you all craving for more!

Easy Rum Cocktail Recipes

1. Banana Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Want to go wild for your next cocktail party? Make everyone go crazy with the Banana Daiquiri as a refreshment drink at your next gathering. The perfect blend of sweet and smooth, with a tropical twist will make anyone go bananas.

Here’s how you make the Banana Daiquiri cocktail recipe at home:
- Take a measuring cup or cocktail jigger and measure all the ingredients accurately.
- Grab a shaker and mix 60ml Captain Morgan rum, 30ml lime juice and 30ml banana liqueur.
- Add 15ml simple syrup and ice to it.
- Shake well and pour the mixture in a chilled glass and the drink is ready to serve.

2. Rum Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Rum Old Fashioned
For the traditional drinkers out there! You’ve got yourself in the right place. Rum Old Fashioned is the perfect drink for those who love their drinks smooth, strong, and flavourful. Make this drink and enjoy it on a cold night. Its rich flavour is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Here’s how you can make the Rum Old Fashioned cocktail recipe at home:
- Take a measuring cup and measure the ingredients accurately.
- Grab a rocks glass, combine 60ml aged rum and 7.5ml simple syrup.
- Further, add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters and ice.
- Give the drink a gentle stir to combine all the ingredients well.

3. One Last Midnight Cocktail Recipe

One Last Midnight
One Last Midnight is the ideal drink that will keep you going all night. With its savoury taste, this drink is best for drinking at night. Treat yourself to a delicious drink and make the night unforgettable!

Here’s how you can make the One Last Midnight cocktail recipe at home:
- Grab a measuring cup and measure all the ingredients to ensure their quantity.
- In a shaker, combine 60ml dark rum, 22.5ml lemon juice and 22.5ml ginger syrup.
- Further, add 15 ml Cointreau and ice and shake well.
- Strain the drink into a chilled glass.

4. Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

Mai Tai
Looking to add some fun and elegance to your day? Want to escape to tropical nirvana? Well! There you have it! Mai Tai is something you’ve been missing out on. With its sweet, tangy and exotic flavours, it brings zest to your day. Mai Tai is sure to spark sparks on a sunny day.

Here’s how you can make Mai Tai at home:
- Grab a measuring cup and measure all the ingredients accurately.
- In a shaker, add 60ml aged rum, 22.5ml lime juice, and 15ml orange curaçao.
- Further, add 7.5ml orgeat syrup and some crushed ice.
- Pour the mixture into a glass and garnish it with a lime wheel and a sprig of mint.

5. Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

Do you want to dance at parties like never before? Do you wish to start a night with dancing and partying? Hurricane is the perfect cocktail to start the party with. With its strong and boozy flavour, you will be more energised to start your partying nights. Make this rum cocktail and enjoy the night with your pals.

Here’s how you can make Hurricane cocktail at home:
- Measure out your ingredients with a cocktail jigger or a measuring cup.
- In the cocktail shaker, add 60ml dark rum, 30ml lime juice, 30ml passion fruit syrup and 30ml orange juice.
- Further add 15ml simple syrup, and 15ml grenadine with some ice.
- Shake the mixture well.
- Strain the mixture into a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice.
- Give it an enticing look by garnishing it with an orange slice and a cherry.

Whether there’s an occasion or not, get creative with your concoction creation. These five rum cocktail recipes are sure to impress anyone and have them craving more. Now that you have the recipes for these exciting rum cocktails, you can feel free to experiment more with them. So go ahead! Invite your friends and give them a cool treat.

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