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5 Reasons Why A Singleton Plus Two Will Change Your Whisky Game

singleton plus two method

Whisky has seen centuries of crafting with use of careful distilling methods and scientific formulas to produce single or blended malts, becoming an utter delight to consume—whether on the rocks, or with a few drops of water. Scottish malts are reminiscent of the moors, of cold gusts of wind blowing in the Highlands, of verdant splashes of green and peaty soils whose flavour oozes into the whisky barrels. Over time, it has been incorporated into many cocktail recipes for its ability to produce some interesting flavour combinations when paired with the right ingredients.

From the makers of The Singleton 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky comes a dynamic take on mixing whisky cocktails which is modern, quick and shifts the image of this spirit often associated with leather armchairs, cigars and an overbearing machismo.

singleton cocktails recipe

What Is The Plus Two Method

At Singleton, whisky makers are all about changing the way you approach this spirit, so what you can visualise is not a gentleman’s club but a cosy sundowner drink after a day of hard work. Designed as a malt for mixing cocktails, it is simple but refined and requires just two ingredients to produce a concoction with a delectable flavour profile. An aged whisky with notes of honey and caramelised apple, the Singleton is a luscious drink. Add to it some creative ingredients and what you have is a modern and inventive spin on a traditional whisky sipping technique.

The Plus Two method is exactly what it sounds like—you take a helping of whisky and add two more mixers in equal proportions to create a cocktail of your choosing. Described as the 24-carat formula by the whisky ambassador Erwin Trykowski, it essentially involves mixing The Singleton with one still and one sparkling mixer in equal measure.

Read on below to know why The Singleton Plus Two technique can be a thorough game changer for your hosting and mixology needs:

singleton plus two method

Millennial Approach

Perhaps what stands out best in this formula is that it is highly contemporary and a step away from traditional interpretations of how whisky ought to be enjoyed. This is a thoroughly millennial approach to crafting cocktails, as modern and relevant as it is delicious.

Dynamic Flavours

To experience a dynamic flavour profile, mix 50 ml whisky + 50 ml red wine + 50 ml of Coca Cola for a Spanish-inspired Mojo, which creates some novel sensations for your taste buds. This equalising combination tapers down the bitterness of whisky and the syrupy sweetness of cola to make a drink which blends varied flavours for a complex finish.

Mixing Whatever’s Available

You really can experiment a lot when you follow the Singleton Plus Two formula and actually shake a cocktail using whatever spritzers are available in your refrigerator. Blend a Singleton with apple cider and orange juice, or with ginger beer and pineapple juice to create recipes that channelise your creativity.

singleton plus two cocktail mix

Curating Your Own Drink

We tend to go the classic route and stir whatever is the best-known variation of a recipe. But, with the Plus Two formula, you can actually experiment more with flavours and discover your own preferences over time, and with a bunch of trial and error arrive at a concoction which you favour most. 

Fewer Rules

There is only one recipe for a plus two method. You need equal proportions of every drink to shake up this cocktail. With fewer rules, you can dabble for real in mixology with a fun and refreshing take on blending cocktails. This would make for an experience that enables you to work with a spirit that has up until now garnered a rather stodgy reputation. With Singleton’s Plus Two formula, throw caution to the wind and explore all sorts of strange, quirky and weird flavours.

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