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6 Mocktails & Low Alcohol Options For Your Wedding Party

6 Low Alcohol And Mocktail Alternatives For Wedding Guests

Hosting a wedding means a couple shares their love and commitment with each other and the joy of this companionship with their near and dear ones, extended families and friends. This calls for a big wedding list and amenities that cater to certain specifications of all those who would grace the ceremony with their presence. During wedding prep, this calls for understanding the menu and drink alternatives attendees would prefer and enjoy so that they can have a good time throughout the nuptials.

Curating beverage rosters featuring an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is perhaps one of the most crucial arenas that you have to get right so you have ample of options for guests who prefer low alcohol or low ABV cocktails or booze free mocktails during the wedding. Over time, many people have begun choosing a no alcohol lifestyle to move towards a more conscious way of living, which means there is a greater likelihood of them opting for similar choices at the wedding. Ensuring such alternatives are available aplenty at a wedding means every guest feels special, as if their choices have been considered.

Read on below to know more about some of the low alcohol and mocktail options that can be part of the wedding menu when you plan drinks for the big day:

Aperol Spritz

A classic Italian aperitivo, this drink is the perfect alternative for wedding cocktails or even a wedding brunch because it contains a vibrant and refreshing combination of a splash of prosecco with aperol and just a hint of bubbly water. The drink is astonishingly fresh and packs ever so slight a buzz that it would hardly cause you to feel tipsy but leave you feeling pleasantly rejuvenated. Besides, an aperol spritz is the perfect pre-dinner drink meaning you can savour a glass or two to build up your appetite for the wedding feast.

Hibiscus Mojito

At a wedding ceremony, you would want warm and colourful drinks which symbolise the love between the happy couple. A floral mojito infused with mint, lime juice and a dash of hibiscus tea would introduce a lovely pink hue and an equally refreshing taste into the drink that will make you opt for seconds. The flavoured virgin mojito is also the perfect alternative for anyone looking for a booze free, celebratory drinking alternative resonating with the overall wedding vibe.


Made from the amaro Campari mixed with equal parts sweet vermouth and soda water, this low alcoholic Italian aperitif is a thoroughly bright drink to enjoy during a summer wedding. A close precursor of the negroni, it is best savoured in the evenings as an aperitif before the dancing begins. So you can sip on a delicious chilled americano after the wedding vows are done and the afternoon morphs into a sultry summer evening. The drink carries only a slight boozy note, perfect for anyone looking to cut down on their alcohol intake.


An elegant mix of prosecco and peach juice, a bellini is as weddingy as cocktails can get. Besides, the sparkling wine is also a good low ABV alternative that your guests who are monitoring their spirit intake will savour without being bored with the drink choices available to them. The sweet notes of the prosecco coupled with the slightly tart quality of the peach juice would give the drink a wonderfully bright quality that is perfect for wedding celebrations.

6 Low Alcohol And Mocktail Alternatives For Wedding Guests

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

Turn your lemonade into a berry bash fizz with this simple recipe that exudes a pinkish hue into the drink giving it a delicious wedding feel. You can add a hint of raspberry liqueur if you want a low ABV option or keep it completely alcohol free by adding some raspberry juice, turning it into a mocktail. Either way, you will be able to enjoy a refreshing citrus packed drink matching the wedding vibe.

White Port And Tonic

With origins in Portugal, this drink is made from white port topped with a splash of tonic water and a garnish of orange or lemon peel giving it a slightly sour, citrusy finish. You can savour this drink as a stunning low alcohol concoction at a wedding to enjoy a very mild kick while being conscious of your alcohol intake.


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