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6 Muskmelon-Infused Cocktails To Up Your Summer Drinking Game

muskmelon cocktails

There are certain fruits in the melon family that are ideal for hydration and rejuvenation during summers. Muskmelon is one of them. Its distinct taste, aroma and slightly creamy texture make a muskmelon rather appealing during summers. Muskmelons can be put on fruit salads or muskmelon slices can be chilled in the refrigerator to be enjoyed as a light snack on summer evenings. The fruit can also be added to a fresh veggie salad for a slightly sweet note. As diverse as its incorporations into cuisine are, muskmelon can also be used in varied ways to elevate the flavours of classic cocktails.

Several mixology recipes incorporate this drink into their rosters, particularly for summer cocktail needs, when muskmelons are available in abundance. The fruit can be chopped up, blended into juice or a melon liqueur can also be sought as an interesting addition to an array of drinks. Whatever the recipe, the peculiar flavour of the nude-coloured melon adds a little something to the drink in the way of texture and creaminess that is most inviting for its freshness, especially during warm climes.

Here are some popular muskmelon cocktail recipes to make your cocktail night a tad more vibrant:

Melon And Mint Sparkler

This is a classic combination of flavours that never ceases to be amazing. The sweetness of the melon coupled with the zestiness of mint creates a unique sparkler which is startlingly fresh. You can infuse quality Tanqueray No. Ten Gin into the cocktail recipe and a dash of lime juice to blend the flavours together. Add sparkling water for a very discernible fizz and tons of ice so the drink serves as an irresistible quencher in the summer heat. 

Melon Ball Martini

Follow a classic martini recipe but add to it a melon ball as garnish along with an olive or an onion. Made from premium gin and dry vermouth, martini is a classic cocktail full of the distinct taste of olive brine. You can make the martini mix a tad sweeter by introducing into the recipe this summer fruit that cuts through the rather tangy and intense notes of olives by bringing in an exuberant quality of its own.

muskmelon martini

Muskmelon Sangria

Sangria is in itself a fruity concoction which makes use of wine and sweet and citrus flavours to make a drink that is rather vibrant. To this mix, add some muskmelon balls and a hint of brandy so that myriad components come together for a delectable cocktail blend. You can garnish this version of sangria with mint to add some chill to the recipe.

Muskmelon Ginger Fizz

This could be a rather melony take on the classic Moscow Mule made with the addition of muskmelon balls to vodka and ginger beer. Use Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka to concoct this mix and add to it melon balls and quality ginger beer that introduces a delightful fizz into the drink. Use ginger shavings or slices as garnish to infuse the drink with a zesty kick.

Japanese Slipper

A Japanese-flavoured liqueur made from melons is the perfect alternative to enjoying the taste of this fruit when it is not in season. Infuse this fruity liqueur with notes of lime juice and other bitters along with some Cointreau to prepare a drink that is as vibrant as the colours of summer.

muskmelon drink

Muskmelon Daiquiri 

A daiquiri is a simple mix which makes use of rum, sweeteners and lime juice to prepare what is simply a fresh and thoroughly tasty cocktail. This is also a very versatile drink and can be moulded to fit several flavours into the classic recipe. Adding muskmelons is one such variation. You can either put in muskmelon balls as garnish or simply add melon liqueur to the recipe to enhance its original profile.