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8 Unique, Unusual Ingredients To Elevate The Classic Cosmopolitan

cosmopolitan cocktail innovative

There are very few cocktails that are as widely recognizable as the pink cosmopolitan. Cosmo's pinkish hues stand out and hold their own amidst the extremely crowded cocktail industry. Cosmopolitans are widely regarded as the drink that built cocktail culture due to their unprecedented popularity in the 20th century. 

As a cocktail, it’s a pretty straightforward drink in terms of ingredients, however the final product is one of immense depth and complexity. As it stands, a classic Cosmopolitan is made with vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec and lime. 

However, since its inception in the 20th century, many cocktail aficionados have tried their hand at elevating this punchy drink with unique and unexpected ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of the unusual ingredients that have turned out to be a hit and can become a part of your go-to Cosmo recipe!

wasabi in cosmopolitan

Wasabi Paste

You heard that right. Adding a tiny amount of some potent wasabi paste will give your Cosmopolitan a punchy kick which will contrast against the sweetness of the other ingredients.

hibiscus infused cosmopolitan

Hibiscus Tea

Ditch the regular cranberry juice and instead infuse your cocktail with hibiscus tea. It will add a floral and slightly tart note to your cocktail that will pair beautifully with all the other ingredients. 

Some other ingredients that can be infused into the classic Cosmo to bring a unique twist and depth of flavour are: Basil or Thyme infusion for a herbal complexity and kick, Saffron infusion for a subtle floral, honey-like taste or a Dried Chilli Pepper infusion for a fiery, lingering heat.

orange blossom in cocktails

Orange Blossom Water

Adding a few drops of orange blossom water will enhance the pre-existing citrus notes of your Cosmo along with giving it a fragrant floral undertone.

cosmopolitan and cranberries

Pickled Cranberries

Instead of using the typical fresh cranberries, garnish your Cosmo with pickled cranberries to add a savoury and tangy twist to the tale.

ginger and sugar syrup in cosmopolitans

Ginger Syrup

Using ginger syrup instead of a simple syrup will give your Cosmo  a nice and spicy kick.

matcha powder cosmopolitan

Matcha Powder

Take the rim of your Cosmo glass and dust it with matcha powder to not only give the drink a contrasting, vibrant green colour but to also add a hint of bitter earthiness to the drink.

miso paste cosmopolitan twist

Miso Paste

Adding a miniscule amount of miso paste to your Cosmo will give it a savoury umami flavour which will add an unprecedented depth and complexity to your drink.

dragon fruit in cosmopolitan recipes

Dragon Fruit Puree

Adding a splash of exotic dragon fruit puree will give your cosmo a vivid pink hue and add a subtle tropical flavour to the drink.

So go down the untrodden path and try adding these unusual ingredients to your Cosmopolitan and see how they elevate your entire drinking experience. Impress all those around you with your unique take on the cocktail and earn the title of a Master Mixologist. 

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