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Brain Teasers For Bollywood Trivia Night: Score High With These Tips

Plan Boozy, Filmy Brain Teasers For Your Next Party With Bollywood Trivia Game Night

Where’s the fun in hosting a Bollywood-themed soiree if you don’t have games in store that test your knowledge of Hindi cinema? Even as you dress up as your favourite character and sip on food and drink inspired by Bollywood, what would add more excitement and fun to your cinematic revelry is games that bring out the filmy person in you. From trivia quizzes to Bollywood bingo, there are tons of games that you can design and play with your party guests while hosting a night celebrating the magic of Hindi cinema.

Planning Brain Teasers

When you curate party games with Bollywood as your theme, you have to pepper them with just the right hint of melodrama. The best way to introduce this into your games is to plan brain teasers that will make your guests think just a tad bit before answering. These games can be riddles or songs crafted to guess the movie name.

Another game that is becoming a highlight at many parties is the song transliteration brain teaser. Using your bilingual potential to the extreme, you can actually literally translate songs from Hindi to English into funny verses and pose them as questions so your guests can guess the original song. And those unable to make out the popular tune have to gulp down a vodka shot!

Another simple but very clever game to play at your Bollywood party is to spot the spoof. You can get pictures of movie scenes and try to figure out if there are any inconsistencies between two shots or if a shadow or any other element like an accessory or a piece of wardrobe feels out of place at that moment. As ever, the losing entity has to down their drink.

Plan Boozy, Filmy Brain Teasers For Your Next Party With Bollywood Trivia Game Night

Divide Up Into Teams

When you play Bollywood trivia or brain teaser night, divide your guests into teams and one interesting way to do that is to give these different groups names resonating with the film industry. This can be anything like the names of production houses or of famous stars’ bungalows and apartments or even family names like Raichands and Malhotras and Khannas that fill the rosters of Bollywood cinema families.

Curate the teams such that you can play several rounds where each one gradually gets eliminated until there are only two teams left fighting for the winner’s crown. For this round, you can introduce the unfailingly successful rapid fire contest where guests have to answer a long series of questions without blinking an eye.

Get Creative With Brain Teasers

When you want your guests to rack their brains for the right answer to your myriad filmy questions, make sure you put some thought into crafting the riddles and puzzles making up your party. This means you can use emoticons instead of words to make guests guess the character you are talking about, or craft a couplet describing the plot of a movie so they have to guess the name.

Plan Boozy, Filmy Brain Teasers For Your Next Party With Bollywood Trivia Game Night

Alternatively, you can also hold a timed round of dumb charades where guests have to guess the movie or song being acted out. However, introduce some personalised flourishes into these traditional games so that if guests come in cosplay, you can make them act out a movie as their character in cinema would.

And because this is a boozy affair, the losing side has to down a shot for each wrong answer or chug their choiced cocktail! At such a party, serve plenty of Bollywood inspired drinks that will elevate the overall mood and theme of the evening to a more filmy level.

Ultimately, the more creative you get with your brain teasers, the more exciting your party is going to be. So, prepare these games and their responses meticulously by drawing on your own knowledge of Hindi cinema to craft a memorable night of fun brain teasers that make you think deeply about the films you have been enjoying for years.


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