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Ace This Year’s Secret Santa With A DIY Gin Cocktail Kit


The Secret Santa custom, which carries the excitement of surprises and shared moments, waltzes across workplaces as the holiday season shines with the beauty of gift-giving. This year, let's set out on a bold adventure to add a little refinement to this beloved custom by creating custom gin cocktail kits for your coworkers. Join us as we discuss the art of thoughtful gifting while savouring the delectable tastes of Tanqueray and Gordon's

Embracing Gordons and Tanqueray

Step inside the world of gin, where Tanqueray and Gordon's are the two most recognizable brands and tradition meets innovation.


Gordon’s London Dry Gin

Alexander Gordon established his distillery in London about 250 years ago and began developing the formula for a gin with exceptional flavour. Gordon's premium and unique juniper flavour has come to characterise the flavour of the traditional G&T.

Gordon's gin is meant to be savoured, not analysed. It's the ideal gin to kick off a Friday night or Tuesday night get-together with friends, where we can laugh and have a moment together. It is also ideal for gifting during parties.


Fresh herbs, gentle sweetness, lemon zest, and pleasant notes of juniper are all present. Develop with You will get a lemon and other citrusy notes on the palate, with a very clean, dry juniper delivery. It has a tangy taste and a mid-length finish.



The renowned gin company Tanqueray was founded in London, England, in 1830 by two brothers Charles and Edward Tanqueray. Building a distillery was advantageous since 1832 saw the development of the technique for continuous distillation. This allowed for more sophisticated gin production.

Nowadays, the well-known Cameron Bridge Distillery in Fife, Scotland, is the site of Tanqueray distillation. The team, led by Master Distiller Terry Fraser, ensures that Tanqueray is of the highest quality and preserves Charles Tanqueray's legacy.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin was developed in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray and is double-distilled. It is elegant and well-balanced, with a distinct flavour resulting from the marriage of Tuscan juniper, coriander berries, liquorice, and angelica root. A dry, cold character comes from a formula that hasn't altered since 1832, making this excellent gin. This well-known gin is linked to glitzy figures like Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway.


A gin that emphasises juniper, Tanqueray London Dry has subtle lemon zest and piney juniper flavours. These well-balanced botanicals—juniper, coriander, angelica, and liquorice—provide a traditional foundation for all gin cocktails without being too strong.


Crafting Bespoke Gin Cocktail Kits

The essence of Secret Santa lies in unveiling surprises that resonate with the recipient's tastes and preferences. Imagine presenting colleagues with an elegantly designed box, harbouring not just a bottle of gin but an ensemble of hand-picked elements tailored to elevate their cocktail experience.

Curating the Perfect Kit

Select either Gordons or Tanqueray, aligning the choice with the recipient's gin palate. Whether it's Gordon's classic London Dry Gin or Tanqueray's refined Tanqueray London Dry Gin, each bottle sets the tone for a tailor-made adventure in mixology.

Now, let's add finesse! Alongside the bottle, consider a collection of cocktail essentials like sleek mixing tools, trendy glassware, and perhaps a curated cocktail recipe booklet, each element carefully selected to complement the chosen gin. Personalization is key, elevating the kit from a mere present to a heartfelt token of appreciation.

A Touch of DIY Creativity

Just don’t stop at basics! How about infusing a touch of DIY charm into the mix? Consider adding homemade infused syrups, crafted with a blend of fruits or herbs, inviting the recipient to experiment with unique flavour profiles. Alternatively, a selection of garnishes and bitters could inspire creativity and exploration, transforming an ordinary cocktail into a masterpiece.

The Secret Santa Exchange

Witnessing the happiness on your colleagues' faces as they unwrap their personalised Gin Cocktail Kits is a joyous spectacle. The anticipation, the surprise, and the heartfelt gratitude echo the spirit of the season.

Fostering Connections Beyond Gifts

This is a great opportunity to connect, share stories, and relish the camaraderie of colleagues turned friends. The gift of Gordon's or Tanqueray encapsulates more than just the spirits; it symbolises the shared moments and conversations that define relationships.

Making Memorable Connections

As we navigate the labyrinth of holiday gifting, let's embrace the art of meaningful presents. The custom DIY Gin Cocktail Kits for Secret Santa shows the care and attention devoted to understanding each colleague's individuality.

Secret Santa, enriched with the essence of Gordon's and Tanqueray, becomes not just an exchange but a celebration of unity and appreciation. This Christmas let’s cheers to forging connections and spreading happiness, one personalised Gin Cocktail Kit at a time!

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