American Pride Cocktail Recipes To Try Now

American Pride Cocktail Recipes To Try Now Cover

Any cocktail lovers in the house? This one is surely going to be a treat to your senses. When it comes to whisky, there are only a few brands that offer an exhilarating whisky experience. Challenging the status quo and making waves in delivering exceptional taste, Royal Challenge American Pride opens a whole new world that is bold and free-spirited. Every bottle of this whisky captures the American spirit and embraces the adventures of the outdoors.

Keeping the same spirit in mind, here are two deliciously curated whisky cocktail recipes that will leave your senses in absolute delight. Whip up these super easy and satisfying cocktails at home and take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey of exquisite flavours.

whisky Cocktail Recipes You Have To Try

1. American Highball Cocktail Recipe

American Highball Cocktail
Intricate flavours intertwine in a simple blend that will revitalize your senses. The meticulously crafted whisky with its nuanced flavours of wood spice, berries, and cracked pepper finds its match with the smooth and crisp soda water. Here’s the whisky cocktail recipe for you to try at home:

- 60ml of Royal Challenge American Pride
- Clean and fresh splash of 150ml soda water
- Citrusy kick of 1 lime Wedge
- Ice

- Begin by grabbing a highball and adding some ice cubes to it
- Next, using a cocktail jigger, measure out 60ml of Royal Challenge American Pride and pour it into the highball. Let the whisky slowly cascade over the ice, filling the glass with its refined flavours
- Now, top up the drink with 150ml of soda water, inviting a delightful fizz.
- Grab a lime wedge and place it on the top of the drink to garnish. The zesty lime imparts the highball with its delicate taste

2. Chicago Smash Cocktail Recipe

Chicago Smash Cocktail
Take a journey into the realm of refreshment with the Chicago Smash, a tantalizing blend where citrusy magic meets the audacity of Royal Challenge American Pride. This refreshing whisky cocktail is a symphony of sweet, sour, and spirited notes, promising a royal affair in every sip. Here’s the whisky cocktail recipe for you to try at home:

- Kisses of orange chunks and whispers of basil leaves
- Liquid sunrise of 30ml orange juice
- Zesty spark of 15ml lime juice
- Bold roar of 50ml Royal Challenge American Pride
- Sweet serenade of 15ml sugar syrup
- Splash of soda for freshness
- Ice

- Begin the refreshing concoction by marrying orange chunks and basil in a glass. Using a muddler, gently crush them to unleash the fragrant medley.
- Next, introduce the bold spirit of Royal Challenge American Pride followed by the citrus symphony of orange and lime juice.
- To harmonize the dance of flavours, pour in the sweet serenade of sugar syrup.
- Wrap it up with perfectly chilled ice and combine everything with a gentle stir to awaken the refreshing goodness.
- Top off the drink with a fresh splash of soda and a crown of crushed ice.

With that, we come to the end of this delectable journey of refreshing whisky cocktail recipes. For adventurous spirits and whisky connoisseurs, these cocktails are a treat to the soul. Relish the defiantly smooth whisky and join the American Pride to craft exciting moments and cocktails that promise an adventure.

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