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Baileys & Cream Easter Egg Cocktail: The One Drink To Rule Them All

By: Neelanjana Mondal

Baileys & Cream Easter Egg Cocktail: The One Drink To Rule Them All

EASTER celebrations call for cocktails and there's nothing like our beloved Baileys Irish Cream, to make a creamy and boozy drink that combines with vodka to make for a decadent treat indeed. The mini chocolate eggs are the cherry on top for this ultimate Easter surprise. If you were hesitant to try eggnog (or love it but are a little put off by the smell of eggs), you will love this one as it lacks eggs but still has all the creaminess. This rich cocktail is the perfect indulgence after an Easter feast. With its combination of chocolate, Baileys and vodka, it could also work perfectly well as a replacement for dessert.

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Before we get into the cocktail itself, here’s how to make the garnish using a few simple ingredients at home. You can skip this part if you already have store-bought mini chocolate eggs. The eggs made with this recipe are not solid and have a delightful filling inside, which is why we recommend prepping these eggs instead of relying on readymade chocolate Easter eggs.

Baileys & Cream Easter Egg Cocktail: The One Drink To Rule Them All

Mini Chocolate Eggs Recipe


For the crust:
300 gm chocolate chips or chopped chocolate bars

For the filling:
100 gm icing sugar
20 gm butter
60 gm light corn syrup
½ tsp vanilla extract
Yellow food colouring


Use an Easter egg mould for the mini eggs. Melt the chocolate, either by tempering or using the microwave.

Melt the chocolate pieces using the double boiler over low heat, over your stovetop, stirring until almost melted. Or, use the microwave method on low heat, stirring in between. 

Brush melted chocolate into moulds twice to create twin layers, allowing 10 minutes between layering for them to thicken. 

Baileys & Cream Easter Egg Cocktail: The One Drink To Rule Them All

Moving on to the filling, melt butter and combine it with the corn syrup, add the vanilla and sugar until smooth. Tint the mixture with 1/3 of the filling with the yellow food colouring. 

Spoon the non-coloured white filling and the yellow filling into the chocolate shells. Chill for 15 minutes then remove from moulds.

Join filled shells by dotting edges with chocolate or using a heated knife.

Baileys Cream & Egg Easter Cocktail Recipe

This recipe yields 12 cocktails, so adjust the ingredient measures to the number of guests you are serving.


12 pre-made chocolate Easter eggs
360 ml Baileys Irish Cream
360 ml Smirnoff vodka
540 ml thickened cream, plus extra whipped cream to serve
45 ml chocolate syrup
Ice cubes, for garnish 
Cocoa powder, for garnish

Baileys & Cream Easter Egg Cocktail: The One Drink To Rule Them All


Insert a drink stirrer into the eggs, making sure they are at the centre and set aside. To make it easier, heat the stick or use a wooden one that has a pointy end, be gentle or the eggs will break. The sticks should be long enough to be able to rest on the diameter of the coupe glasses.

Dip the rims of the coupe cocktail glasses in simple syrup to coat them completely.

Now grab a cocktail shaker, and fill it with ice, Baileys Irish Cream, vodka and thickened cream. Seal and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Do it in batches if the amount is too much for your cocktail shaker.
Strain the cocktail into the prepared glasses, repeating until you've filled all the glasses.

Top with extra whipped cream and dust with cocoa powder. Balance the Easter eggs on the cocktail glasses and serve.

Baileys & Cream Easter Egg Cocktail: The One Drink To Rule Them All

When to Serve These Cocktails?

Not before a meal for sure; encourage guests to leave some space for an after-meal indulgence hinting at this Easter Special cocktail. Serve it to them after their holiday meal when they are relaxing and almost lapsing into a food coma. While extremely tasty, these are potent cocktails, so it's best to sip them slowly and do advise the guests accordingly while serving them their Easter cocktail.

If guests want something along with the cocktail, offer an assortment of petits fours and chocolate-dipped strawberries or classic Easter desserts such as carrot cake, cheesecake or chocolate mousse pie.

For a non-alcoholic version, you can omit the vodka and Baileys, and simply blend the cream with chocolate syrup, and a touch of vanilla extract, and serve on the rocks. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. No matter how you serve them, these Easter Egg Cocktails are sure to delight!

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