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Bar Drinks Which is Better Single Malt Whisky or Blended Whisky

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Single-malt and blended whisky are equally sophisticated and are perfect for occasions such as a house party and a formal party. A common misconception that all blended whisky tastes the same misleads it as the go-to choice. A vast line of choices available in blended whisky misleads many to this conclusion. Where a single-malt whiskey can entertain you for a long night, a blended whisky will knock you right off. Preserve both and know which to pour at a house party and which one to enjoy alone.

If you're often faced with the dilemma of which whisky to pick, you're at the right place. Both are excellent choices for rather different occasions, vibes, and garnishes.

Single Malt Or Blended Whisky

Single-Malt Whisky Sour: Raise A Toast To Nostalgia

single maltContrary to popular belief, single-malt whisky can include more than one malted grain. The only condition is that it should all belong to a common distillery. A fine blend of whisky casts goes into its production. What you land with is a lively taste on your tongue, making it a brilliant bar drink. 

Distilleries do so to preserve their unique charm. The taste may switch noticeably if only a single malt whisky grain is used in cocktails at bars. Brands exclusively conduct this on limited occasions to play new ventures.

Serving Etiquettes
Like most whiskeys, single-malt whisky is served neat on ice. If you want to let your creative urges loose, throw in some water or a soft drink and turn it into an easy cocktail. It will add a nuanced taste and turn your bar drink into delectable sips of heaven.

What To Expect
Single-malt whisky is a delightful explosion of flavours in every gulp. Brace yourself for savoury bursts of roasted grain alcohol and sweeteners. It is an easy cocktail, making it a quick drink for all.

Blended Whisky: Cheers To Memorable Moments In Home Bars

Double maltTrue to its terminology, blended whisky is a rich concoction of high-profile whiskeys. These blends don't just come from one distillery. This is where single-malt and blended whiskeys part ways. Blended whisky cherishes the spiteful flavours of whiskeys from different distilleries. Also, another distinct factor between the two is that the latter includes grains besides the standard choices. Moreover, blended whisky welcomes a giant spectrum of grain spirits, flavours, and colourings. Some widely beloved whisky bar drinks are blended malt scotch whisky, blended grain scotch whisky, and blended scotch whisky.

Serving Etiquettes
Blended whisky is best to chug neat. Since it is already infused with delicate flavours, every sip will satiate your taste buds. If you want to turn down the strong flavour, a couple of ounces of water won't hurt. Serve it on rocks in your favourite cocktail glasses, and you're ready for the evening!

What To Expect
Blended whisky carries a relatively smoother taste. Think of it as flavours wrapped within complex layers. Each gulp will implode undertones of subtle dried fruits, vanilla, cherry, and alcohol. If you're on the mild end of the drinkers and prefer smooth sips or wish to drink responsibly, this one's the perfect choice for you.

Where To Look?
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