Bar Tools Care Tips To Elevate Your Home Bar

Bar Tools Care Tips Cover

Are you a home bartender in the making? Do you have a home bar? Then you would be aware of how crucial it is to care for and maintain your bar tools in the process. Maintaining your bar tools is critical for any home bartender who wants to create delectable cocktails and a friendly home bar experience. Proper care not only ensures the quality and safety of your recipes but also extends the life of your dear bar tools.

Now we understand how at times the simple task of maintaining could become a burden, so here is a short guide to help you and your home bar experience.

Tips For A Clean  Home Bar And Bar Tools

1. Regular short cleanings

Regular short cleanings
(i) Always after use, give your bar tools a short rinse under preferably warm water. Use a mild dishwashing agent along with a sponge or a brush to perfectly clean those hard-to-reach edges and crevices. 
(ii) Care for your metal tool and use non-corrosive mild cleaning agents to maintain their shine and lustre in the long run.

2. Occasional deep cleanings

(i) Opt for some occasional deep cleaning of your bar tools about once a week if you use your home bar extensively. To break down persistent residues, soak the bar tools in warm soapy water. 
(ii) Just remember that your wooden bar tools would not like water that much, so avoid getting them too soaked to prevent any damage, just a thorough rinse and dry should be enough. Apply food-safe mineral oil occasionally to preserve the finish and quality of hardwood handles.

3. Strainers and Sieves

Use a small brush for cleaning your mesh strainers and sieves and rinse and wash after each use.

4. Citrus juicers

Citrus juicers
Clear out any seed or pulp residue after juicing to prevent any mould growth, wash and rinse with a mild soap and focus on clearing out any crevices where fine particles could accumulate.

5. Glassware

(i) Be extra careful while washing your glassware, be gentle and pay attention to not scrub off edges and rims.
(ii) Hold stemware by the bowl to avoid breakage from the stem.
(iii) Polish in a circular motion while drying to keep them spotless.

6. Drying and Storage

(i) Ensure a thorough drying of your bar tools to prevent rust and abrasion.
(ii) Store your bar tools in a dry and well-ventilated area in your home bar. Avoid damp conditions as they can lead to eventual damage.

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