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Candle Care Tips for DIY Cocktail-Infused Candles

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Candles never run out of demand, and we have proof! The candle market in India is expected to grow by 4.3% in 2028. It speaks volumes about people's love for candles across the country. But have you ever thought about mixing cocktails with candles? Well, we have something all candle lovers must know! The cocktail-infused candles are known for their warm glow, including the sweet symphony of alluring scents they bring. Let us discuss a few important cocktail-infused candle care tips.

Best Candle Care Tips for You!

Best Candle
Do you know how to maintain your DIY candles? If not, we are here to help you with the best candle care tips and tricks. Look at them below and learn the art of candle burning with us. 

1. Use Superior-quality Ingredients

Your DIY candles are made the same way as a delectable cocktail. That is why the ingredients that you use make all the difference. Use only superior-quality waxes and fragrance oils that match your candle size. You can also use soy wax with cotton wicks that prevent the candles from getting spoiled easily. 

2. Check the First Burn!

First Burn
The first burn of your homemade candles is like the first sip of your favourite cocktail. So, ensure the entire surface melts evenly when lighting your DIY candles for the first time. It helps prevent "tunnelling," when the centre burns and leaves wax on the sides untouched. It also means the candle should burn an hour for every inch of diameter.

3. Manage Burn Duration

Limit each burn to about 3-4 hours as much as you would want to savour the fragrance. It prevents the container from overheating and the wax from melting unevenly. Make sure to trim the wick to around 1/4 inch before each burn. The process prevents excessive smoke and promotes a clean, even burn. Longer wicks can make candles burn too hot, which may lead to uneven melting.

4. Remove Uneven Surfaces

Uneven Surfaces
Ensure your cocktail-infused candles are far from open windows, fans, or air vents. You must also place your DIY candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface to avoid mishaps - like a sturdy cocktail glass. Extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer or gently dip the wick into the melted wax before straightening it. This process minimises smoke and ensures a pristine, soot-free experience for your candle the next time.

5. Mindful Storage

Mindful Storage
Keep your scented candles in a cool, dry spot. It will help you shield them from direct sunlight. Heat can cause the wax to soften or compromise colour and fragrance. Allow the wax pool to extend to the container's edges every time you light your candle. It prevents tunnelling and creates a lush, uniform melt pool.

6. Transform Leftovers into Magic

Do not bid farewell to that elegant jar when the last flicker of your candle fades. Clean out the leftover wax and residue for a stylish storage solution. The remaining candle wax need not go to waste. Meltdown various bits from different scented candles to craft layered delights. It is a sustainable way to infuse new life into your candle-making journey.

Embrace the Cocktail-Infused Candle in the Best Way

Caring for your DIY cocktail-infused candles involves a blend of passion and precision. Each tip ensures that every moment spent with your scented creations is a delightful sensory journey. Do you want to learn more about these homemade scented candles? Visit The Bar now and know more about candle care tips and tricks from the experts. 

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