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Cocktail Recipe Worth Trying with Johnnie Blonde

Delicious Johnnie Blonde Cocktail Cover

You may never know when an alcohol brand might be the best for a unique cocktail recipe. In this regard, you must select Johnnie Blonde-one of the most subtle whiskeys on the market. This bright and vibrant whiskey has become essential to any party with its delicious citrus-flavoured cocktail. The heat of summer will slip from your mind once you are served this type of cocktails at bar. Follow this article to learn more about this unique cocktail recipe.

Johnnie Blonde’s Refreshing Cocktails To Try

The history of Johnnie Blonde - a must-have in the cocktail party

The brand - Johnnie Walker has been entertaining the drinking community since the 1800s. The brand has offered the drinking community many premium whiskeys since its birth, such as Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky. The newest addition from the maker to this range is Johnnie Blonde. This new scotch will leave you spellbound with its sweet surprise. The smoothness of the whiskey is what makes it a favourite among the drinkers. In the cocktail section, this new material has created ripples. It is made to be mixed in the top-notch cocktail glasses and served with exquisite garnishings.

People's favourite cocktail recipe using Johnnie Blonde

Add this whiskey to the cocktail recipe if you wish to treat your guests with something unique. The mouthwatering taste that this whiskey forms will be mindblowing and ecstatic. However, you must mix all the ingredients adequately and appropriately. Follow these easy steps to craft this ecstatic cocktail: 

1. Gather a tall cocktail glass and fill it with ice to the brim. Remember, the ice plays a crucial part in making this cocktail.
2. In the next step, pour 50ml of Johnnie Blonde over the ice. Since this whiskey is crafted to become a part of the cocktails at the bar, you should not be shy to include the quantity you want.
3. Later, flood the whiskey in the cocktail glass with 150ml of lemonade. You will be blown away to experience the magic that lemonade and whiskey create together.
4. In the final step, you must be careful to serve the drink. You should garnish the drink with a slice of fresh orange, preferably. The aroma that will originate from the overall drink will elevate your experience of enjoying such cocktails at bar.

You should follow these steps to create something unique in the cocktail category. Apart from Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky, Johnnie Blonde has emerged as one of the most widely-used alcohols to make cocktails for its distinctive taste, feel and aroma. The entire combination will bring a fruit flavour to your drink, which is appropriate to beat the heat in summer. 

Wrapping Up 
Add this cocktail recipe to the elaborate menu you have planned for the party ahead and find your guests drooling all over it. If you love Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky, try Johnnie Blonde and mix it with all the ingredients mentioned above. Let this vibrant whiskey set the mood right for your party.

If you wish to know more about such extravagant recipes, head to The Bar’s page now.

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