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Cocktails at Home with Proper Shaking Techniques

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The art of making a cocktail is not as easy as it seems. You should be aware of crafting a cocktail with precision for your house party. This art involves choosing the right ingredients that will go with the choice of alcohol and the adequate techniques to mix them. To make a mouthwatering drink as a part of your party menu, you should pay attention to these things. Let us help you understand this craft through the article below.

Why Is Shaking Important To Make Cocktails At Home Or Bars?

Perfect Shake
When you want to know why shaking is essential for cocktails, it is almost as similar as asking why there should be ice. Shaking ensures the rapid mixing of different ingredients to form a unique taste. Whether you are a home bartender for a party or anywhere else, you must know this prime technique lets the ingredients dilute, become chilled and aerated uniformly.

Understanding The Cocktail Shakers For Your Home Bar

Whisky Sour
When mastering the art of cocktail shaking, you must acquaint yourself with the cocktail shakers. The purpose of the cocktail shakers is quite clear - mix and chill the drinks primarily. Even though the task is similar, you must use different types of shaker to achieve the best taste, feel and presentation of the cocktails for your house party. Three types of cocktail shakers are in use nowadays such as -

- The Boston comes with a mixing glass and a shaker tin that can fit perfectly with a gentle tap.
- The Parisian - This two-piece shaker also comes with a mixing tin and lid made of metal.
- The Cobbler - This shaker is a three-piece product involving mixing tin, a lid and a built-stainer. Due to its small size, it works best for home bartenders.

Simple Techniques To Craft The Best Cocktails At Home

Cocktail Shaking
Whether you are a novice to the art of cocktail making or a pro in this job, you must follow these basic techniques to shake the beverages efficiently.

1. Start with muddling (only if the drink involves muddler ingredients)
- You need a muddler if you are making a cocktail at home that requires fruits like mint juleps. You should muddle all the ingredients gently by putting them into the shaker.

2. Measure the ingredients
- Once done with muddling, you should measure the significant ingredients like juice, syrup, bitters, liqueurs, spirits, dairy, or egg whites as necessary using a jigger.

3. Dry shake (only if the egg whites are involved)
- You should proceed with this step only if you add egg whites. It denotes you should shake the ingredients properly without adding ice to create a frothy texture. Add this foamy cocktail to your party menu to stun your guests.

4. Add ice and shake.
- Whether using egg whites or common ingredients, you need to add ice. Once you fill the shaker with ice, you must shake vigorously for at least 15 seconds. After that, use a strainer to pour the drink into a serving glass.

Summing up
To set up a home bar, you must learn the art of shaking to craft delightful cocktails. With the simple tips mentioned above, you can practice them individually and create your techniques. You can learn more about artful cocktail-making skills on The Bar’s page.

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