Cocktails Inspired By Names of American Places

American name cocktails

Up for a whirlwind tour across the USA? But instead of a map, we've got cocktails! Each corner of America has its own cadence and personality. And what's more fun than capturing these rhythms in a collection of cocktails? Imagine each drink as a postcard from a different American city, brimming with flavours and experiences.

Manhattan Meets Kentucky

The bustling streets of New York City have long inspired ballads, broadways, and speakeasies. We're giving the classic Manhattan a Southern twist with 15 ml Talisker 10. Add 15 ml apple cider for a nod to the Big Apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon bitters—it's like a dreamy affair between NYC's energy and Kentucky's charm.

NOLA Voodoo Queen

Dive into the heart of New Orleans, a city where every corner hums with music and history. The NOLA Voodoo Queen is a cocktail as enchanting as the city itself. Mix 30 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with a splash of passion fruit juice and a bit of lime, embodying the city’s eclectic vibe. Top it with a hint of grenadine, capturing the shades of a French Quarter sunset.

Sun-kissed Floridian Fizz 

We’re touching down in sunny Florida, where the air tastes like salt and citrus. This mocktail's got 45 ml of grapefruit juice for a tart zing, a squeeze of lime for the ocean's breeze, and a dash of simple syrup because life in Florida is sweet. Topped with Gordon’s tonic water, this will give you a taste of the beach. 

Drinks inspired by American names

Texan Twang

Now, let's switch over to Texas, where everything's bigger. Imagine a bold 30 ml Don Julio Blanco, introduce a homemade mesquite-smoked syrup for that BBQ feel, and add a splash of prickly pear syrup for a sweet kick. It's bold and spirited, just like a Texas two-step dance. 

Denver’s Delight

In Denver, where the air is as crisp as the mountain vistas, this cocktail offers a refreshing tribute. Blend 30 ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky with a splash of Black and White ginger ale and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Channel the adventurous spirit of the Colorado Rockies and raise a toast to a day in the great outdoors.

Chicago Chill 

Up north to Chicago, where the winds whip around skyscrapers. Here's a gin-based number with a dash of violet liqueur. Take 30 ml Gordon’s gin with a dash of crème de violette—an ode to the city’s artistic flair. Add a twist of lemon, and you’ve got a charming purple-hued cocktail.

chicago cocktail

West Coast Wanderlust 

We can't forget the West Coast, with its laid-back charm and diverse neighbourhoods. Mix 30 ml of green tea for the essence of those lush northern forests, 15 ml of fresh orange juice for those sunny Southern California vibes, and a drizzle of honey for a touch of sweetness. It’s like a leisurely drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, but with a drink in hand.
As we journey through these American landscapes, each cocktail brings to life the unique character of its region.