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Craft The Perfect Breakfast Martini Cocktail Using This Guide


Love breakfast martini? Here’s how you can easily craft your favourite drink at home without breaking a sweat! We have curated a special recipe with detailed instructions to help you create this wonderful gin cocktail. Made with gin, lemon, orange liqueur, and marmalade, the Breakfast Martini cocktail is one of the most popular drinks, well-appreciated by cocktail connoisseurs worldwide. 

Craft The Perfect Breakfast Martini Cocktail

Brief History Of Breakfast Martini Cocktail

History Of Breakfast
Invented by a renowned mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese, in the late nineties, this cocktail has become a crowd-favourite. The story behind this delicious cocktail is that Salvatore Calabrese was inspired by his wife’s habit of eating marmalade toast for breakfast. Eventually, while experimenting with drinks, he crafted a flavourful gin cocktail using marmalade, and voila! Breakfast Martini came into existence.

Guide To Breakfast Martini Cocktail Recipe

Guide To Breakfast
Crafting the breakfast martini cocktail is fairly simple. It only requires a few ingredients to make. Every sip of this cocktail boasts a deliciously sweet, sour and bitter taste that teases the taste buds. We have curated a perfect cocktail recipe for you. This features the delightful Tanqueray No TEN Gin, which is known for its rich botanicals, fresh burst of citrus, juniper flavours and enticing aroma.

- Tanqueray No TEN Gin - 45ml
- Lemon Juice - 22.5ml
- Orange Liqueur - 15ml
- Orange Marmalade - 1 bar spoon
- Orange Peel - 1
- Ice

- Cocktail Shaker
- Cocktail Strainer

-To begin the Breakfast Martini cocktail recipe, prepare a coupe glass by chilling it. You can either freeze it or add some ice to the glass to chill it. Set the glass aside for now.
- Grab a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Ice is an essential part of the cocktail-making process. When mixing spirits and ingredients, ice helps in dilution. It also aids in balancing the flavours and enhancing the taste. 
- Use a cocktail jigger or a measuring cup, to measure the ingredients. This will ensure that the precise quantity of ingredients is used and the resulting drink will be well-balanced. 
- Measure and pour 45ml of Tanqueray No TEN gin and 15ml of orange liqueur into the shaker.
- Next add, 22.5ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the shaker followed by a bar spoon of orange marmalade.
- Close the lid of the shaker and shake vigorously to combine the ingredients. Shake until the surface feels well-chilled. This will ensure that the drink is smooth and consistent. 
- Using a cocktail strainer, strain the mixture into the prepared coupe glass. If you used ice to chill the glassware, remember to throw the ice away when before pouring the drink into the glass. 
- Finally, add the finishing touch by twisting a thin strip of orange peel over the drink to express its oils and aroma. Use a cocktail pick and thread the orange peel into it and place it gently in the drink to garnish.
- Serve immediately and enjoy!

Serving Suggestions

Serving Suggestions
1. Glassware
Typically served in a chilled cocktail glass or a coupe glass

2. Garnishing
Why not try the original garnish used by the bartender who invented the drink? Toast the bread to golden and crisp. Then cut the toasted bread into a small triangle shape. Make a slit in the middle of the toast and gently place it on the rim of the serving glass to garnish!

3. Occasion
It’s perfect for any occasion and mood. It’s a delectable aperitif that you can enjoy as a pre-meal drink. It’s also the best brunch cocktail to sip as it is flavourful and goes well with breakfast dishes such as eggs, toast, etc. Last but not least, sip it anytime you want! It’s a versatile and fun drink that tastes absolutely delightful!

With this cocktail recipe in your repertoire will be able to wow your friends and family without breaking a sweat! Whether you are hosting a lively brunch or you want to treat yourself to an elegant tipple to sip, a Breakfast Martini cocktail is a perfect choice. 

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